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Andres Muschietti Goes From Mama to Mummy; Helming Universal's Reboot

Ever since Underworld director Len Wiseman departed from Universal's Mummy reboot earlier this summer, the studio has been scrambling to find a new director to wrap up. And it's looking like the search is over. Read on for details!

Universal's Next Mummy Movie Looking to Wrap Up Another Director

Production of Universal's next movie in The Mummy franchise has hit a snag as Underworld director Len Wiseman has headed off to less sandy pastures due to a scheduling conflict.

Billy Ray to Fly the Frightening Skies with Departure

With so many haunted houses, why shouldn't the air above us be equally as haunted? This avionic phenomenon is explored in the latest adaptation that's looking to send shivers down our spines. Read on for the first details of Departure.

Universal's Mummy Remake Finds ANOTHER Scribe

Another writer has been tasked with rewrapping Universal's new take on The Mummy. The thing is they already hired one. Talk about hedging your bets. Let's all sit quietly and pray for no scenes involving cartoonish Yetis who are fluent in football related hand signals.

J.J. Abrams and Paramount Once Again Working Together on Another Secret Project

We don't know what J.J. Abrams and Paramount are cooking up this time, but given their past history, one thing is for sure ... we are all in incredible danger! And how we LOVE being there! Read on for the first details.

AFM 2010: Lionsgate Close to Signing Gary Ross to Direct The Hunger Games

More news out of AFM as it appears Lionsgate is this close to finalizing a deal for Gary Ross to direct its adaptation of Suzanne Collins' The Hunger Games. Ross joined producer Nina Jacobson at the film market today to discuss their vision for the film.

Billy Ray on Board Conjure Wife

Imagine that your life is going along fine and smooth. Then you find out a lot of your perceived luck is actually the magical interference of your wife, who is a witch. You confront her, she agrees to stop ... and all hell breaks loose.