Bill Moseley

Joe Hollow's Disciples Packing a Horror-Heavy Cast

Just hitting our desks today is a little indie flick that's packing quite a punch casting-wise, and if you're into diggin' on a veritable who's who of horror ensemble, look no further than Joe Hollow's Disciples.

New Artwork and Casting News: The Devil's Carnival

You just never know where news is gonna come from. Case in point: Users of The Devil's Carnival forums, who have been scouring the interwebs and Twitter, have discovered for themselves some really interesting casting news; and we've got that and some new eye candy for you right here.

Briana Evigan Buys a Ticket to The Devil's Carnival

And the casting news continues on for Darren Bousman and Terrance Zdunich's The Devil's Carnival. Next up to tango with big red and his sideshow of oddities? The lovely Briana Evigan. Read on for details.

The Repo! Reunion Continues ... Bill Moseley Joins The Devil's Carnival

Fans of Repo! The Genetic Opera are likely grinning from ear-to-ear right now at the news that yet another actor with a penchant for surgery, surgery, has signed on to Darren Bousman and Terrance Zdunich's The Devil's Carnival.

Here's Your Chance to Win a Walk-On Role in Susanna Lo's Manson Girls

You've always wanted to see what it's like to be a horror movie actor, haven't you? Of course, we all have. Now here's your chance. The people behind the upcoming film Manson Girls, featuring Bill Moseley as Charlie, are auctioning off a walk-on part in the film. No hassles, no audition, no background check (okay, I'm going to assume there's probably a background check). Just win the auction, and you're there!

UK Readers: Prepare to Take a Trip Down Rogue River

Fans of genre legend Bill Moseley, and his proficiency at portraying wide-eyed psychotic backwoods characters, have some good news right here as G2 Pictures and After Dark will be releasing Jourdan McClure’s twisted slice of savagery known as Rogue River (review here) to DVD and Blu-ray in the UK on January 16th, 2012.

Exit Humanity Nails Distribution!

Another indie horror flick with huge potential has found a home via Bloody Disgusting and The Collective's Bloody Disgusting Selects label, this one featuring some true horror heavyweights taking on the living dead.

Susanna Lo's Manson Girls Begins Filming

It's been several months since last we heard anything about writer/director Susanna Lo's Manson Girls, which focuses on the period leading up to the 1969 murders of nine people by members of Charles Manson's "Family", but finally production has begun with a half dozen or so scenes being assembled into a "sizzle reel".

First Stills, One-Sheet and Trailer - The Infliction

A new genre flick is on its way with some very familiar faces, and we've got all of the information you need to get you excited including stills, a one-sheet, and even a teaser trailer. Dig it!

AFM 2011: Spoiler-Laced New Plot Details for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D

Rest assured no stone will be left unturned for you at this year's AFM show, and sometimes you might even get a little more than you bargained for. This is exactly one of those times as a spoiler-heavy plot outline is here for you to read ... if you dare.

Teaser Poster for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Revs Up!

Finally, after months of talking, news stories, rumors, and just about everything else under the sun, the official teaser poster for The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D is ready to cut its way into your horror-loving hearts!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D Star Talks Up the Big Screen Sequel

Yes, there has been a lot of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 3D news of late. It's kind of hard not to be excited for a movie that so brazenly disregards the nonsensical Platinum Dunes forays in favor of dropping back into Tobe Hooper's original timeline. In that regard, it's hard not to be at least a little excited for the upcoming sequel.

Rogue River (2011)

Starring Michelle Page, Bill Moseley, Lucinda Jenney, Michael Cudlitz, Chris Coy Directed by Jourdan McClure

Leslie Easterbrook Talks Deception

While we eagerly await more news on the latest indie effort featuring a genre-centric cast from filmmaker Ruben Rodriguez, Deception, the official website has been updated with a special message from the always lovely Leslie Easterbrook. Check it out.

Doctor Gash's Tip of the Scalpel: A Tribute to Bill Moseley

The Tip of the Scalpel tribute is awarded to individuals who have impressed the genre community with their contributions to the world of horror. Our first honor goes to Bill Moseley.