Big Trouble in Little China

Boom! Studios Causes Some Big Trouble in Little China

Let me say this... anytime John Carpenter wants to take another ride on the old Pork Chop Express we'll be there with bells on! Same goes for you? Then Boom! Studios has got something you NEED to hear about!

Rotten Cotton and Fright Rags Team Up for Incredible October T-Shirts

What happens when two titans in the horror T-shirt making business get together to create some incredible stuff for us to wear proudly? Simple! We as fans get some truly badass apparel to wear!

Never Mind Gangnam Style! In Little China They Get Down with Lo Pan!

Honestly, we really don't understand the craze that is Gangnam Style here at Dread Central. Watching a semi-chubby Asian dude make believe he's riding a horse? Yeah, not getting the appeal. However... this? This we can totally get behind!

Interview - Catching Up with John Carpenter

He’s one of the film world’s most undisputed masters of horror with a catalog of work that delivers classic after classic. That’s why whenever we get a chance to talk with legendary director John Carpenter, we’re on it like a dog on a bone.

Big Trouble in Little China Blu Specs and Art

Some more news rolling in off of the old Pork Chop Express about the Blu-ray release of John Carpenter's Big Trouble in Little China including art work, specs, and the inclusion of an extended cut! Jack Burton fans rejoice!

Big Trouble in Little China Goes Blu!

One of John Carpenter's most beloved cult hits, Big Trouble in Little China looks to be making it's way to Blu-ray soon and who wouldn't want to participate in a high-def ride on the Pork Chop Express?