Bart Layton

The Imposter Comes Home

Indomina Releasing has finally granted The Imposter a DVD release, and it's coming at us sooner rather than later. Look for the flick in stores and on various VOD platforms beginning on January 22, 2013!

New Trailer and One-Sheet for The Imposter

Indomina Releasing will be releasing its Sundance catch, The Imposter, this summer during July and August, and to celebrate the flick's arrival, we have the theatre listings along with a brand new trailer and one-sheet right here waiting for you.

In Case You Missed it ... Indomina Nabs The Imposter

Not sure why this is making the news rounds again as it's pretty old, but in any event, here we go again. Indomina Releasing will be releasing their Sundance catch, The Imposter at an undetermined date some time this July.