Are You Scared

Dead Noon & Are You Scared 2 in February

You can always depend on Lionsgate to roll out some low budget horror movies to DVD, and this coming February won't be any different. Already announced for the shortest month of the year are a supernatural Western shooting for a Grindhouse feel and a direct-to-DVD sequel nobody except for the management at Lionsgate asked for: Dead Noon and Are You Scared 2.

Are You Scared? (DVD)

Reviewed by The Foywonder Starring Alethea Kutscher, Erin Consalvi, Carlee Avers, Kariem Marbury, Soren Bowie Directed by Andy Hurst Distributed by Lionsgate SAW FOR DUMMIES That's what the title of this film should have been. And the tagline: "Oh yes, there will be rip-offs."