Apollo 18

New Apollo 18 TV Spot Crash Lands

The good folks over at IGN have scored themselves an exclusive TV spot for the latest cinéma-vérité style spooker, Apollo 18, and we have every spaced out moment of it for you right here! Dig it! Look for the Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego directed flick in theatres on September 2nd. Synopsis:

Dramatic New Apollo 18 Teaser Clip Surfaces

After a few release date shuffles, Apollo 18 finally settled on September 2nd, which means the promo materials should start flowing in fairly rapidly over the next several weeks. Case in point - a new TV spot type of video has arrived that promises "lunar drama".

Badass International One-Sheet: Apollo 18

Just a day after the release of a new domestic one-sheet for the upcoming cinéma-vérité style space trip Apollo 18, an international poster has hit the web that blows ours away. Dig it.

Scream for a New Apollo 18 One-Sheet

In Alien we learned that in space no one can hear you scream. Well, the dude on the new one-sheet for the upcoming cinéma-vérité style space trip Apollo 18 is bound and determined to try!

New Theatrical Trailer Debut: Apollo 18

After playing musical chairs with its release date for several months now, a new trailer has finally landed for the cinéma-vérité film Apollo 18, and we have it right here awaiting your judgement! Dig it!

Apollo 18 Release Date Continues to Play Musical Scares

At this point we'll be surprised if the cinéma-vérité film Apollo 18 ever makes it into theatres. Why, you ask? Because Dimension Films has switched its release date for the fifth, yes fifth, time. Get out your calendars, kids, but mark off the date in pencil. Just in case.

Apollo 18 Launches MISSIONS Retrospective Timeline on Facebook

Are you maybe a little too young to remember all the Apollo missions leading up to this summer's cinéma-vérité film Apollo 18? If so, you'll definitely want to check out the recently launched retrospective timeline of the past 17 Apollo missions via the Apollo 18 Facebook page. Even if you were around back in 1966-1972, it's a pretty cool refresher course.

Release Date Shuffle: Apollo 18 and Final Destination 5

With the summer movie season taking shape two of this year's most talked about horror flicks, Apollo 18 and Final Destination 5 have done a bit of moving around. Get out your calendars, kids! It's time to make a few changes!

Release Date Shuffle - Piranha 3DD and Apollo 18

Unfortunately it looks like we're going to be waiting a bit longer (in one case a lot longer) for two films we've been buzzing about quite a bit lately.

International Apollo 18 One-Sheet Gets Crackin'

Time to add a little Russian flavor to your daily dosage of Apollo 18 goodies as the international one-sheet is here, minus the smell of vodka and borscht.

Another Leaked Apollo 18 Document Finds its Way Online

Another classified piece of viral goodness has made its way online in support of the soon to be released Apollo 18. We have all of the documents assembled below for you so please ... if you have any idea how this fits together, give us a shout!

Trailer Debut of The Weinstein Co.'s Apollo 18

True to their word, today the Weinsteins released the first trailer for their upcoming Apollo 18, about which virtually nothing is known other than the names of the director, Gonzalo Lopez-Gallego, and screenwriter, Brian Miller. Hopefully the trailer sheds a bit more light on things.

Apollo 18 Trailer to Land in Less Than 24 Hours

News just hit our desks that the official trailer for the soon to be released Apollo 18 will be hitting this crazy thing called the interwebs in less than a day. Of course you realize that when it does we'll be right here waiting!

Apollo 18 Viral Checklist Run-Through

Yet another blacked out sheet of viral goodness has made its way online in support of the soon to be released Apollo 18. You can find it below with all the rest. Do these puzzle pieces fit together? Can you make any sense of it? Let us know!

New Apollo 18 Secret Documents Uncovered

The truth may be out there, but as far as Apollo 18 goes, it's been censored with a black magic marker. Still, there's some interesting reading to be had as this viral marketing mystery deepens.