Enter into The Theatre Bizarre

A new anthology is on its way that's attracting not only a lot of indie talent but also a segment from none other than Richard Stanley (Hardware) and Tom Savini. Interested? We thought you would be. Dig on the details and early artwork. From the Press Release

Stills and More Info on Short Film Anthology Obits

Horror shorts anthology Obits will be having its world premiere during the 10th annual Screamfest LA Film Festival on Saturday, October 9th, and one of the project's co-directors, Paul Hart-Wilden, sent over some stills and the basic plot outlines for all four of the installments.

Kane Hodder and More Head to The Gathering

And the list of horror talent keeps right on growing for the latest anthology film to come our way, The Gathering. Want to talk about a hell of a cast?

Jonathan Lewis' Horror Anthology The Black Box to Premiere at the New Beverly in LA

Here at Dread Central we love seeing the indie filmmaker make good. You just never know where the next big director is going to come from. We can tell you, however, what one of the craziest is up to next. Get ready to open Jonathan Lewis' The Black Box! From the Press Release:

Exclusive: Full Details and Teaser Trailer - New Horror Anthology - Habeus Corpus

Get ready, anthology fans! The time has come for all the details you need regarding Paul Davis' (Beware the Moon) upcoming collection of terror tales, Habeus Corpus, including the teaser trailer!

Jonathan Lewis Readying New Anthology: The Black Box - Joe Pilato Wax Off!

Director Jonathan Lewis (Black Devil Doll) is readying a new anthology film for release called The Black Box, which is set to offer up four tales of horror and absurdity plus a nice little wrap-around to tie everything together. Ready for the teaser trailer of one of the segments starring one really familiar face?

Rumor Control: Danielle Harris NOT in The Gathering

Ah, the Internet. It's home to lots of goodness, but it can also be a source of rumors with no merit. Case in point - a previous story we ran (sourced from Variety of all places) that mentioned Danielle Harris as being signed to appear in a new horror anthology to be directed by Jon Keeyes entitled The Gathering.

Chris Vandale Tells Tales of Terror in Anthology But Needs a Hand

Another collection of horror tales is on its way from indie director Chris Vandale called Anthology, and we've got a couple of scenes and the skinny for all your horror heads out there.

Horror Heavyweights Head to The Gathering

As self-professed suckers for anthology films, we here at Dread Central are always on the lookout for some quick and dirty entertainment that helps us fondly remember the golden age of EC Comics. A new one has just been announced that sounds absolutely stunning! Oh, happy day!

Teaser Trailer for Book of 1,000 Deaths

We've given you the synopsis and a batch of sexy, gore-soaked images for Andretti Dante's upcoming anthology Book of 1,000 Deaths, and today we're pleased to present the first teaser trailer for the project.

Five Segment One-Sheets: Phobia 2

The latest anthology on the block, Phobia 2 (review here), just made its debut at Fantasia 2010, and we've gotten our hands on the international one-sheets for each segment! Pretty neat! If only someone would have thought to do this with Creepshow!

Fiendish Tales Ready for the Web

Anyone who knows me knows that when it comes to EC Comics and anthologies, I'm a complete and total sucker. So when the latest web series "Fiendish Tales" came across my desk, I sat up, took notice, and am now bringing it to you, dear reader.

Phobia 2 (2010)

Reviewed by Paul McCannibal Directed by Songyos Sugmakanan, Banjong Pisanthanakun, Parkpoom Wongpoom, Visute Poolvoralaks, and Paween Purijitpanya

Exclusive Images: Book of 1000 Deaths

A few days ago we told you about Andretti Dante's new horror anthology film, Book of 1000 Deaths, and now we have some sexy and gore-soaked images to carry you off into the weekend. Yeah, we're good like that!