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New Images: Steven R. Monroe's I Spit on Your Grave

Now that we're almost completely out of the hell that is covering the San Diego Comic-Con (there's still more coverage coming), we've been playing a bit of catch-up with some things that slipped through the cracks--namely, a couple of stills from Steven R. Monroe's I Spit on Your Grave remake.

Exclusive Not Safe for Work Clip: Anchor Bay's After.Life

Hide the kids and shut your office door! We just got our hands on a very NOT SAFE FOR WORK clip from Anchor Bay's latest thriller, After.Life, which is crashing onto Blu-ray and DVD this coming August 3rd.

Anchor Bay Spills Oil Rig Monster Movie in October

The BP oil spill disaster has left me wondering how long it's going to take before we see a wave of monster movies and disaster flicks centered around the subject. The makers of The Rig may have gotten lucky that they already had a creature feature in the can about a monster loose on an oil rig because now they'll be the first out of the gate when Anchor Bay spills the film onto DVD this October.

SD Comic-Con 2010: Anchor Bay Signings and Premieres

We've been waiting to see what goodies Anchor Bay Entertainment would be bringing to this year's San Diego Comic-Con, and today we got the lowdown. Just head to Booth #3345 for all the action, and read on for an idea of what to expect.

Blu-ray and DVD Art: Adam Green's Frozen

Just days after laying the official DVD and Blu-ray specs down for you guys, we now have the cover art for Adam Green's chilling entry into the survival horror sub-genre, Frozen.

Dreamy New Clip from Anchor Bay's After.Life

With its August 3rd release date just around the corner, we got our claws into a brand new clip from Anchor Bay's forthcoming release of After.Life. Dig it!

The Verdict is in - I Spit on Your Grave 2010 Review

That's right, folks. Steven R. Monroe's remake of the exploitation classic I Spit on Your Grave has had its premiere at the 2010 Fantasia Film Festival, and of course Dread Central was on the scene to get you the scoop on how everything played out.

Sexy New One-Sheet - I Spit on Your Grave Redux

A new asset has hit online today for Steven R. Monroe's remake of the exploitation classic I Spit on Your Grave, and we have a look at its finer points for you!

Exclusive Early Word on Frozen DVD and Blu-Ray Specs

As reported earlier this week, Adam Green's survival horror flick Frozen (review here) is hitting the home video market via Anchor Bay on September 28th, and this morning we learned what special features we can expect on the DVD and Blu-ray discs. It's an avalanche!

Official Blu-ray Details and Artwork: The Evil Dead

Finally we can complete our high definition trilogy! That's right, kids, the film that started it all -- Sam Raimi's debut feature The Evil Dead -- is clawing its way onto Blu-ray, and we've got every bit of the details for you! Join us!

Get Frozen this September!

Finally some news has come as to when we'll be able to see Adam Green's survival horror flick Frozen (review here) on DVD and Blu-ray.

Film4 Frightfest '10 - New Still: I Spit on Your Grave

And finally rounded out all of the news surrounding the UK's biggest horror event the Film4 FrightFest, we've gotten ourselves at look at a new still from director Steven R. Monroe's remake of I Spit on Your Grave.

Official Hatchet Blu-ray Specs

Finally after what seems like too long, Adam Green's popular slasher flick Hatchet is making the jump to Blu-ray high definition, and we've got the lowdown on everything that you need to know!

Blu-ray / DVD Trailer: Anchor Bay's After.Life

Christina Ricci. Naked. Now those are selling points, my friends, and you'll get them along with a whole lot of spooky when Anchor Bay releases its latest thriller After.Life onto Blu-ray and DVD this coming August 3rd. To get you geared up, we got our hands on the official home video trailer for you to dig on!

Exclusive: Director Steven R. Monroe Spills - I Spit On Your Grave to Receive Unrated Theatrical Release!

This writer caught up with director Steven R. Monroe last week, and while the bulk of that juicy interview is just around the corner, we’d be remiss in not immediately bringing you word on Anchor Bay’s release plans for the director’s 2010 CineTel/Anchor Bay Entertainment remake of the infamous 1978 exploitation classic I Spit On Your Grave – a remake which is at this moment slated for an unrated(!) theatrical release.