RiffTrax Live Putting the Squeeze on Anaconda this Halloween

When RiffTrax hit their $100,000 goal trying to raise the funds needed to secure the rights to lampoon the disastrous 1998 Godzilla, they set a $250,000 stretch goal to nab the rights to Anaconda for their Halloween show...

AFM 2013: Lake Placid vs. Anaconda Beginning its Death Roll

Picture that, right? A body of water vs. an anaconda! It could be as exciting as watching two invisible men fight in Hollow Man 2. Lord knows that was a treat. Seriously though...

DVD Release List: June 2, 2009: The Retardead Hunger to be Elsewhere

Once again, we have a week with not a lot going for it. Nature run amok is definitely the prevailing theme with mutant snakes and eels on the menu, but we also get a couple of special edition re-releases from the Monsturd crew.