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Dread Central and Machinima Hosting an Early Screening of The Cabin in the Woods in Berkeley, California

Live in or around Berkeley, California and looking for a good time? Have we got a hot ticket for you! A special early screening of the highly anticipated The Cabin in the Woods (review here)! Read on for all the details!

Joss Whedon on The Cabin in the Woods - 'A Loving Hate Letter'

With The Cabin in the Woods officially on the horizon, we're sure to see the proverbial pedal hit the medal in terms of promotion. A lot people who've been following along haven't really grasped what the flick is about yet, even after the trailer. Time to shed a little light.

Standing Around With a New Image from Cabin in the Woods

Another new image from the highly anticipated film from Joss Whedon and director Drew Goddard, The Cabin in the Woods, has debuted within the pages of Entertainment Weekly, and we have it for you here hot and fresh.

Cabin in the Woods Gets a Quad

Our friends across the pond have nabbed themselves some artwork for the highly anticipated horror flick Cabin in the Woods, and as always we have it for you right here!

Three Clips from This Week's Grimm Episode 1.11 - Tarantella

This week sees Amy Acker heading to NBC's "Grimm" for her highly anticipated guest starring role in Episode 1.11, "Tarantella", and the network has sent us three new clips accompanied by the ep's promo. Watch things get cryptic when a body leads Nick to a new creature.

A Preview and Full Synopsis of Grimm Episode 1.11 - Tarantella

We've been looking forward to seeing Amy Acker on NBC's "Grimm" since we first heard about her being tapped for a guest starring role, and our patience will be rewarded this Friday, February 10th, in an episode entitled "Tarantella". Read on for the full synopsis and to see a preview.

New Images Reveal the First Look Inside The Cabin in the Woods

With releases like The Woman in Black and The Cabin in the Woods, 2012 is looking pretty okay thus far for horror fans. A couple of new stills debuted online from the latter, and we have a look at them for you right here!

New Cabin in the Woods Trailer Sheds Some Light on the Film's Secrets

When it comes to all the secrecy surrounding the long awaited flick The Cabin in the Woods, we've all been kept pretty much in the dark pertaining to the film's events. However, Lionsgate has lifted the curtain a bit and offered a revealing peek at what's to come.

A Puzzling New Cabin in the Woods One-Sheet

We're still happy about the news that Lionsgate will be bringing fans the long gestating horror flick Cabin in the Woods. April cannot get here fast enough. In the interim we have a new one-sheet right here for you to drool over. Check it out!

Amy Acker to Guest Star on NBC's Grimm in the New Year

NBC's freshman series "Grimm" just got a whole lot more interesting with the news that Amy Acker ("Angel", "Dollhouse") will be guest starring in an upcoming 2012 episode as a character known as the Black Widow.

Long-Delayed Cabin in the Woods Finally Gets a Release Date!

Some honest to goodness non-Comic-Con related news just crossed our desk, and it's made us happier than anything else we're likely to hear all week: Lionsgate has set a release date for Drew Goddard's Cabin in the Woods!

First Still from The Cabin in the Woods Gets Friendly

Apparently it's really happening! Lionsgate, bless their black hearts, is serious about getting the long, long, looooooong delayed horror flick The Cabin in the Woods into theatres this year, and the first ever still has made its way online!

Humorous New One-Sheet: The Cabin in the Woods and Possible Release Date

Another new one-sheet has been released by the good folks behind, The Cabin in the Woods that reflects the recent Lionsgate deal to finally get the long-awaited flick into theatres. Given how much they've been screwed over (and over, and over, and over) it's good to see that they at least have a sense of humor about it.

By the Gods! Thor Star Chris Hemsworth Hammers Cabin in the Woods Through the Lionsgate

Thank you, Lionsgate. We've had some ups and downs over the years, but every now and again you do something to make us horror fans feel truly loved. This is a glorious day indeed. Guess what, fiends? It's looking like we'll finally be seeing The Cabin in the Woods.

Frustrating New Cabin in the Woods One-Sheet

If the words "cock tease" ever applied to a horror movie, it has to be in relation to the debacle surrounding the release of the long awaited flick The Cabin in the Woods. It's good to know that fans aren't the only ones with a severe case of blue balls.