DVD and Blu-ray Release Date Revealed: The Walking Dead

If we were to ask how many of you out there are looking forward to Anchor Bay's DVD and Blu-ray release of the AMC series "The Walking Dead", we'd be willing to bet that just about everyone would scream that they are. Well, now you can find out when you will have your format of choice in your hot little hands!

The Walking Dead - U.S. Only Sneak Peek of Episode 6 - TS-19

Zero hour is nearly here. The end of Season 1 of AMC's "The Walking Dead" is officially upon us, and we have a sneak peek of the season finale for viewers in the U.S. only. Sorry, rest of the world! Official description of Episode 106 - "TS-19": Rick and the group are allowed into the CDC by a strange doctor. But all is not what it seems in their newfound haven.

The Walking Dead - Images from Episode 6 - TS-19

Brace yourself for the final episode of the amazing first season of "The Walking Dead". As reported earlier, we have a long, agonizing wait until next October for Season 2, but until then we have "The Walking Dead" Marathon on AMC to keep us company this Sunday right before the season finale episode.

The Walking Dead Consume Writers! No Staff Necessary for Season 2?

In a seemingly inexplicable move, the writing staff for AMC's "The Walking Dead" has been let go despite the show's killer ratings. I guess just like with the comic upon which it is based, you can truly expect the unexpected when it comes to "The Walking Dead".

Anchor Bay Nabs Home Video Distro Rights for The Walking Dead

With AMC's "The Walking Dead" Season One winding down, the question began to beckon ... When will be be seeing the DVD/Blu-ray and who will be doing the distro for it? Well, we can answer half of that question for you right now! From the Press Release

The Walking Dead Marathon on AMC This Sunday

The end is near. That's right, kids, it's been a hell of a ride, but AMC's six-episode mega-hit series "The Walking Dead" is drawing to a close. In the end the show has lived up to all expectations, and the wait for Season 2 is going to be nothing short of agonizing. Missed an episode? No worries. You're going to be able to catch up or relive the goods in succession.

The Walking Dead Surpasses Its Own Record Ratings; Celebrate with Some Fan Art

You know your TV show has made it once the fan art starts rolling in, and AMC's "The Walking Dead" is no exception. Not to mention that you can also consider it a hit when the ratings for Episode 5 surpass those for the premiere by a solid 300,000 viewers.

The Walking Dead: A Clip from the Season Finale and a Q&A with Laurie Holden (Andrea)

Well, hasn't this just been the quickest six weeks in history?!? On Sunday, December 5th, we'll see the season finale of AMC's "The Walking Dead", entitled "TS-19", and here's a sneak peek clip to help build the anticipation even more (as if such a thing is possible). Also included is a brief Q&A with series regular Laurie Holden (Andrea); as always, beware of spoilers!

The Walking Dead - U.S. Only Sneak Peek of Episode 5, Wildfire

It's hard to believe there are just two episodes left of AMC's hit series that has taken the entire media business by surprise due to its stellar ratings, storytelling, and gore - "The Walking Dead". As always, we've got a clip from the latest episode, "Wildfire", to share with the States. Sorry, overseas. Your time will come! Official description of Episode 105 - "Wildfire":

The Walking Dead: A Sneak Peek of Episode 5 and a Q&A with Emma Bell (Amy)

After last night installment of "The Walking Dead", the body count is really starting to rise. Will it continue in Episode 5, "Wildfire"? Check out this sneak peek of the ep along with a Q&A with the lovely Emma Bell (Amy) to see if you can uncover any clues. But beware if you're not caught up as spoilers abound.

The Walking Dead - U.S. Only Sneak Peek of Episode 4, Vatos

Once again, sorry, rest of the world! This latest clip from "The Walking Dead" Episode 4 ("Vatos") on AMC is for us selfish Americans only. The wait you'll be sitting through for the goods will be MORE than worth it though! Dig it!

The Walking Dead - Images from Episode 4, Vatos

Updated: Added US Only Sneak Peek Video of Episode 4.

The Walking Dead Season 2 Not Coming Until October 2011

In what has to be the most painful news ever to hit fans of The Walking Dead and AMC's stellar adaptation, word has come down just when we'll be seeing Season Two shambling its way to TV. Prepare, dearest reader, for an absolutely torturous wait.

The Walking Dead: A Sneak Peek of Episode 4 and a Q&A with Sarah Wayne Callies (Lori Grimes)

On last night's episode of "The Walking Dead", fans of the comic were rewarded with the reunion they knew was coming. As for those who haven't yet read the zombie epic, they got to soak up some character development. Lord only knows what's in store for us in Episode 4, "Vatos"; check out a sneak peek in which Shane and the other survivors try to talk some sense into Jim.

Live Chat with The Walking Dead's Norman Reedus This Sunday

Boondock Saints star Norman Reedus is joining the cast of "The Walking Dead" this Sunday as Daryl Dixon, brother to Michael Rooker's racist redneck Merle Dixon. In addition he will be participating in a virtual viewing party for the show so viewers can chat live with him during the episode.