Amber Heard

New Promo Pic for John Carpenter's The Ward

A new promo picture from John Carpenter's The Ward showed up on the Premiere Picture website, and we've got a look at it for you.

Three Clips from The Stepfather Remake

Make room for Daddy! On October 16th Sony and director Nelson McCormick will be bringing us their remake of The Stepfather, and to whet our horror whistles we have three clips for you to dig on!

Undead Rule the Box Office as Zombieland Takes First Place

Not that there was much doubt due to the mass appeal of Woody Harrelson and comedies in general (even those of the splatterific variety), but we're happy to report that Zombieland (review here) grossed an estimated $25 million this weekend, landing it in the No. 1 spot for box office receipts.

Dread Attends Zombieland on the Santa Monica Pier

This scribe hit earlier today the press junket (which become more like a press conference) on the Santa Monica Pier for Sony Pictures’ forthcoming October 2 release of Zombieland and chatted with the flick’s director, Ruben Fleischer, as well as with film stars Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, and Emma Stone and writers and co-producers

More Zombieland Goodness - New Clip

Another clip appeared online today for Zombieland (review here) courtesy of MySpace TV, and what a shock! It's another good one!

Clown Zombie Attacks in Zombieland Clip

We are so stoked for Zombieland (review here) that we can barely contain ourselves. A new clip just surfaced over at MySpace today that does a lot to feed our fervor!

Four TV Spots for The Stepfather Debut

On October 16th Sony and director Nelson McCormick will be bringing us their remake of The Stepfather, which will hopefully rise above its PG-13 rating and deliver a taught and suspenseful little thriller. Hey, it could happen!

Zombieland Image Gallery Now Twitching

Over twenty new stills for Ruben Fleischer's upcoming zomcom Zombieland (review here) have been dropped on us filled with behind-the-scenes goodness to go with Woody and his special brand of ghoul dispatching mayhem.

Zombieland (2009)

Reviewed by Nomad Starring Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Amber Heard, Emma Stone, Abigail Breslin Directed by Ruben Fleischer

Three New Zombieland TV Spots Teach Us the Rules

To survive in a world in which the dead want nothing more than to make you a box lunch, you have got to have rules to adhere to. Three new TV spots have surfaced for the upcoming horror comedy, or zomcom for you trendy folks, Zombieland that serve to teach us a few of them.

The Stepfather Remake: Daddy's New Website Opens its Doors

Stepparents can really suck. Especially if they're of the psychopathic ready to kill at the drop of a dime variety. That's exactly the kind that we find in Nelson (Prom Night) McCormick's remake of The Stepfather. Still, even they deserve their own space, and this particular loony has taken up residence online.

Zombies Take Hollywood in Zombieland

We've yet to see something coming out of the Zombieland camp that didn't look absolutely badass, and the goodies continue today with a still gallery full of zombie mayhem that was shot toward the last days of filming.

Mandy Lane Goes to Zombieland

We're over a month away from the release of the new horror/comedy Zombieland, but we've got the first clip for your viewing pleasure.

International Zombieland Trailer Rears Its Head

And the Zombieland goodies keep right on coming as the new International trailer for the flick has just seen the light of dawn. Oh, happy day!

Visit Zombieland a Week Earlier

One movie that thankfully has been bumped up in a sea of recent postponements is the undead-laden post-apocalyptic comedy Zombieland. That's right, kids! Columbia Pictures has moved up the release of Zombieland to October 2nd, one week earlier than original slated. Rejoice, deadheads!