It's Earth vs. the Giant Alien Mosquito in Insectula!

If you’ve ever seen the movie Popcorn, you may recall the scenes from the fake atomic age giant insect movie Mosquito! and you probably came away wondering how such a movie never actually got made. Wonder no more. Insectula! is coming to terrorize the earth.

Play Hide and Tweet with Super 8 on Blu-ray and DVD

Hats off to Paramount. Not only have they wholeheartedly embraced viral marketing, but they've found new and exciting ways to bring fans into the fun. Case in point: the Super 8 Hide and Tweet promotion! Read on for instructions of how to get your hands on a copy of the flick for FREE. You just have to go find it!

Can You Survive the Fourth Darkest Hour One-Sheet?

Yet another one-sheet for the latest alien invasion flick, The Darkest Hour, has hit the Internet with a bang, and as always we're here to serve it up to you free of any and all anal probing. Unless you're into that sort of thing. If that's the case, just ask nicely.

Mint New Super 8 Blu-ray and DVD Trailer

The magic that was Super 8 (review here) is coming home in just a couple of weeks, and we've got a new trailer for the flick to get you all sweaty with anticipation!

AFM 2011: Grey Skies Descend! Alien Chaos Ensues!

Aliens seem to be getting a healthy amount of love this year at AFM as yet another flick referring to them as "Greys" has been probing the hallowed halls of this year's big dance. Read on for details and artwork.

AFM 2011: Time to Start Hunting Greys

We're not talking about hunting wolves or even the elderly (though sometimes we'd really like to, especially when they're arguing over 3 cents at the supermarket); we're talking aliens, man! Spacemen! Probers! Read on for the first details and art.

Third One-Sheet for The Darkest Hour Brings Everyone Together

Not sure what you'll be doing on Christmas Day after opening all your presents and arguing with your relatives over who got the best loot? In our house the plan is to head out and catch the upcoming alien invasion flick The Darkest Hour even though this newest international one-sheet for the flick doesn't do a lot to generate increased interest in the flick.

Alien Undead (UK DVD)

Starring Tonia Renee, Bret Kennedy, Ozzie Dervish Directed by Gregory Connors Distributed by Left Films

Attack the Block (Blu-ray / DVD)

Starring John Boyega, Jodie Whittaker, Nick Frost, Alex Esmail Written and directed by Joe Cornish

New Darkest Hour One-Sheet Disintegrates Before Our Eyes

Over the years aliens in cinema have done many a vile thing to the human race. In The Darkest Hour they're making use of the tried and true disintegration technique to make short work of us. Speaking of which ...

Electrifying International One-Sheet: The Darkest Hour

A truly badass piece of eye candy has arrived in the form of the international one-sheet for the upcoming alien invasion flick The Darkest Hour, and we have every sparky pixel of it right here for ya!

Doctor Gash's Tip of the Scalpel: A Tribute to Lance Henriksen

"Not bad for a human." Do you recognize that voice on the Verizon Droid commercials? That is the voice of a badass. That is the voice of Lance Henriksen. And "Not bad for a human" is not only one of the more memorable lines ever delivered by the man, whose career has spanned a veritable library of film, it's also the name of his biography. And a full biography it is.

Mint! Super 8 Hitting DVD and Blu-ray in November!

The magic that was Super 8 (review here) is coming home just in time for the holidays, and we've got the 411 you need to prep for it!

Get Sucked In By Latest Motion Poster for The Darkest Hour

Those pesky aliens. If it isn't one thing, it's another. Oh, what it would be like to relive the glory days of them just wanted to stick things in our asses. Now it's all consume, consume, consume. In any event, motion poster time for The Darkest Hour!

Julian Gilbey Finds Next Directing Gig at Offworld

Coming off a very successful run on his highly acclaimed film A Lonely Place to Die (review here), the filmmaking industry is now wide open for director Julian Gilbey, and we've got the scoop on just what he'll be up to next! Read on for details.