The Gasp Menagerie: Ancient Alien Overlords Depicted in Indian Rock Paintings

Ancient aliens visiting earth, guiding early man. In the 70's, with the popularity of Erich von Däniken's book and Harald Reinl's film Chariot of the Gods, they were a hot topic. The Nazca Lines, Pyramids of Giza, and other wonders suggest the use of technology unavailable to people of the period.

The Gasp Menagerie: Chilean Government Releases Report on UFO Photos

Chile is an interesting place. I've never been there and know very little about it, but they have an actual branch of their version of the FAA that investigates UFO reports. That's pretty damn interesting.

NECA Unleashing the Ultimate Alien Queen

Hey, Gentle Giant. Yeah, you with the $500 replica of the classic Kenner Alien. You have some really stiff competition coming your way in terms of collectibles from the Alien franchise. Behold what is nothing short of another MUST-HAVE!

Insectula - Help a Giant Bug Out

It's been a long time since we heard anything about Insectula, but the film is finally in post-production. There's just one little hitch... the filmmakers need a hand finishing it for mass consumption. Interested? Read on!

IFC Phones Home With Extraterrestrial

Directed by Colin Minihan, and written by The Vicious Brothers, IFC Midnight has acquired U.S. distribution rights to the sci-fi horror flick Extraterrestrial. The film will open on VOD and in limited theaters later this year.

Read an Exclusive Excerpt from Titan's Re-release of Aliens: The Official Movie Novelization

Yesterday Titan Books re-released Alan Dean Foster's Aliens: The Official Movie Novelization here in the States (if you're in the UK, you have a few extra weeks to wait), and in honor of the occasion, we have an exclusive excerpt to share!

Titan to Reissue Aliens: The Official Movie Novelization in the US and the UK

On April 29th in the US and a few weeks later on May 16th in the UK, Titan Books is releasing Aliens: The Official Movie Novelization, Alan Dean Foster's adaptation of the iconic movie sequel. We have all the details you need no matter which side of the pond you're on!

Alien Invasion Flick Snowfall Passes Through the Gold Circle; Watch the Pitch Trailer!

Aliens and heavy snow converge to ensure Chicago will never be the same again in Snowfall, a sci-fi flick that's currently in pre-production. Read on to find out everything we know about the windy city invasion!

Tribeca 2014: A New Extraterrestrial Image Beams Down

With the film's premiere at Tribeca just a few days away, Entertainment Weekly scored a new still from the latest offering from The Vicious Brothers (Grave Encounters) entitled Extraterrestrial (formerly The Visitors), and we have every pixel of it right here for your perusal.

Alien Documentary Mirage Men Now Available for Digital Download

Whether or not you choose to believe in extraterrestrial beings, there's no denying that the topic of discussion is an utterly fascinating one that manages to capture the imagination like no other.

Fox Is Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Alien in a BIG Way!

20th Century Fox is pulling out every conceivable stop to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the seminal classic Alien, and we have a look at all the goodies in store, including the first concept art for the recently announced Ripley figure and a Big Chap bust to DIE for!

Guest Blog: Author Tim Lebbon's Top Ten Alien Moments

Titan Books is releasing Tim Lebbon's Alien: Out of the Shadows, an official Alien novel and Book #1 in a trilogy, tomorrow, January 28th; and in honor of the occasion the author has provided us with his "Top Ten Alien Moments."

Diamond Select Announces Sin City Series 1 Action Figures, First Aliens and Kill Bill Minimates

Diamond Select Toys has a lot of firsts heading our way this summer with several new licenses making their debuts, including Sin City Select Series 1 figures and inaugural Aliens and Kill Bill Minimates sets. Check out what's coming!

Crop Circles Appear in California

While we don't really put too much stock into the theory that crop circles indicate the existence of alien life, we have to admit they sure are fun to speculate about. Take this recent intricate formation.

NECA Unveils Retro Ash and New Aliens Figures

NECA Toys has unveiled your first look at some of its new figures for 2014, and though you cannot dig your claws into these goodies yet, just seeing them puts the ho-ho-ho in horror! Check 'em out and feel your wallets start burning.