#SDCC 2014: First Images of NECA's Ellen Ripley Action Figures

Being that she's one of the most badass characters in film history, it only makes sense that the Alien universe's Ellen Ripley has been honored with a handful of action figures over the years. But there's always been a catch involved, which has resulted in them being a bit less than screen-accurate.

NECA Unleashing the Ultimate Alien Queen

Hey, Gentle Giant. Yeah, you with the $500 replica of the classic Kenner Alien. You have some really stiff competition coming your way in terms of collectibles from the Alien franchise. Behold what is nothing short of another MUST-HAVE!

#SDCC14: Super7 Unveils its Alien Egg Chamber Playset and Deep Space Alien Mystery Egg Exclusives

For the past several days Super7 has been teasing the exclusives the company will be bringing to the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, and now, thanks to their Facebook page, we have a look at them right here. Alien fans especially will want to read on!

#SDCC14: Gentle Giant Announces a 24-Inch Kenner-Inspired Glowing Alien

Today it's Gentle Giant's turn to reveal another exclusive item the company is bringing to the 2014 San Diego Comic-Con, and it's one that's sure to make fans of the Alien franchise scream... with delight!

Go Behind the Scenes of Alien

H.R. Giger's stunning creation used in Ridley Scott's film Alien is one of the greatest monsters ever captured on film, and the Alien franchise is one that, despite a few missteps, will always be revered among fans.

Sigourney Weaver Open to Alien 5

Big news is coming out of The Hero Complex Film Festival. The wonderful Sigourney Weaver was on hand to speak about the now 35-year-old Alien franchise, including its sequels and spin-offs, but the big news is that she'd do the long talked about Alien 5 if the situation was right.

Your Favorite Horror Movie Posters - Re-Animated!

Around these parts we are SUCKERS for good movie posters. Know what else we're big fans of? Talented artists who possess the know-how to add a new spin on things we've seen countless times. Yep, what's old is new again, kids, and it's never looked better!

Next Christmas Hang Some Horror On Your Tree

It's rare that we use the words badass, Hallmark, and Christmas together, but after seeing the latest round of ornaments that are part of the Hallmark Dream Book line, we cannot help ourselves. These things are stellar, and a few even bring some bitchin' audio with 'em!

Iconic Designer of Alien H.R. Giger Passes

Horror and sci-fi fans have lost another one of their most inspirational and iconic artists. We are deeply saddened by the news coming to us from Swiss public television channel SRF of the passing of acclaimed artist H.R. Giger Monday afternoon.

Top 11 Lovecraftian Horror Films

The work of H.P. Lovecraft has inspired not only legions of fans throughout the years but an entire sub-genre of horror. Highlighted by frail, false realities masking a horrific and unfathomable truth… and of course, tentacles, fans embrace Lovecraftian horror films like the squishy appendages they feature.

10 Upcoming Horror Toys You Absolutely Need to Own!

Thanks to companies like NECA, Mezco, McFarlane and Funko, horror fans are pretty damn spoiled when it comes to toys and collectibles. Last year our collections were bulked up with some of the coolest and most unique horror toys of all time and this year is set to be no different...

Read an Exclusive Excerpt from Titan's Re-release of Alien: The Official Movie Novelization

With its 35th anniversary, a new video game, Ripley collectibles, and even a trilogy of novels all upcoming for the classic Alien, what better time to re-release Alien: The Official Movie Novelization? Take a few moments and check out an excerpt.

studioADI Clones Us Back to Alien: Resurrection

There's no doubt about it... 1996's Alien: Resurrection was a really, really weird movie. It has both its fans and its detractors, and they are all pretty staunch in their camps. One thing everyone can agree on though was that studioADI's effects work was stellar.

Fox Is Celebrating the 35th Anniversary of Alien in a BIG Way!

20th Century Fox is pulling out every conceivable stop to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the seminal classic Alien, and we have a look at all the goodies in store, including the first concept art for the recently announced Ripley figure and a Big Chap bust to DIE for!

Toy Fair 2014: NECA Acquires License for Ripley

Today is a good day to be a fan of the Alien franchise. NECA Toys, the company responsible for much plastic-based Alien-themed badassery, has just made the announcement we as fans have been waiting for...