Alfred Molina

Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes Lands Distro with Tribeca Film and Well Go USA

Tribeca Film and Well Go USA have acquired and will be releasing Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes, starring Jessica Biel and Kaya Scodelario, both theatrically and on demand in 4th quarter 2013.

Jessica Biel, Alfred Molina, and Frances O'Connor Shed Light on Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes

Before you get too excited, this has nothing to do with the sexy Emmanuelle series of skin flicks from decades ago. This is a beast of a different kind. Read on for details.

New Date for Ondaatje's Lodger

When we last reported on it, Sony’s Stage 6 was set to release David Ondaatje’s remake of The Lodger on December 31st, though we had no idea in what theatrical capacity. As of today, however, things have changed!

Trailer for Redux of Hitchcock's The Lodger

The first trailer for David Ondaatje’s remake of one of Hitchcock’s earliest films, The Lodger,has found its way onto Apple’s official site, which in turn lead it into our loving arms.

Molina and Davis Join Lodger Redux

Sony’s Stage 6, their low budget horror arm, has got some serious casting for the upcoming remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Lodger, which is one of those few remakes no one seems to get too angry about. Is it because they’re saying it’s actually a re-adaptation of the book by Marie Belloc Lowndes that inspired Hitchcock rather than a straight remake? Cause they’re saying the same thing about The Birds too, you know...

Lodger Updated Again

Another Lodger update, eh? It seems like one of these crops up every few years, but nothing ever comes of them for some reason.

21st Century Lodger

It’s not the first time it’s happened, both John Brahm and Hugo Fregonese have tackled them in the past, so it shouldn't be surprising that another remake of Alfred Hitchock’s The Lodger is being planned, this time under the eye of writer/director David Ondaatje, according to the hounds at Production Weekly.