Alfred Hitchcock

Casting Update for BBC Two Docudrama The Girl

What a difference a few months make! Back in early September we first heard about the BBC Two's upcoming docudrama The Girl, which chronicles director Alfred Hitchcock's obsessive relationship with his The Birds star Tippi Hedren. At the time there was one pair of names attached to star as Hitch and Hedren, but times have changed, and now we have two new names - Toby Jones and Sienna Miller, respectively.

Timothy Spall Gets Hitched to The Girl

There's only one Alfred Hitchcock, and odds are that there will never be another filmmaker more influential than the celebrated master of suspense. So iconic a character was he that he's bound to show up in films. Speaking of which ...

Alfred Hitchcock's White Shadow Found After Decades!

Now this is just the kind of news we like having on hump day (which by the way is nowhere near as fun as it sounds)! The earliest surviving film from the great Alfred Hitchcock has been found! Well, at least some of it has.

Rest in Peace: Farley Granger

The world lost another film legend today with the passing of Farley Granger at the age of 85. Granger, who died of natural causes at his Manhattan home, was best known for his roles in two Alfred Hitchcock films, but he also appeared in several Italian horror movies in the early 1970's.

DVD Releases - October 19th: It's a Rocky, Psycho Night of the Predators in Mirrors

The number of home video releases on October 19th is not as abundant as in recent weeks, and fewer re-released titles means those that are available are much more special. In this batch one Adrien Brody flick competes with another, and at least two independent horror titles are making a splash. Two beloved classic films return in Blu-ray where one is supplemented by a documentary treatment of it.

Teens on a Train Bound for Terror

Alfred Hitchcock was one of the single most prolific filmmakers of modern times, and his masterpiece Strangers on a Train is yet another shining example of the man at his finest.

Official Cover Art: Psycho on Blu-ray

We've waited patiently to get our first glimpse of the cover art for Universal's Blu-ray release of the Hitchcock classic Psycho, and finally it's here ... and it's sexy!

Universal Goes Psycho on Blu-ray This Fall!

Universal announced today that the granddaddy of slasher cinema is getting the high definition treatment! Just think -- pretty soon we'll be able to see every shred of rotted flesh upon the skull of everyone's favorite mama!

CONTEST CLOSED! Win Tickets to See The Lodger w/Live Organ Accompaniment!

Most of us agreed the 2009 remake of The Lodger failed to live up to its potential despite its stellar cast. Curious to see Alfred Hitchcock's original 1927 version of the tale accompanied by live organ music at UCLA this weekend? Then read on!

Will Smith To Star in Hitchcock Remake, Suspicion

Ever since the remake of Psycho Hollywood has pretty much kept far away from Alfred Hitchcock films in terms of reimaginings. However, The Birds remake is still very much happening, and we can now add the 1941 thriller Suspicion to the list.

Motion Picture Purgatory: Psycho

As we told you last week, Trembles is enjoying a much deserved break so he sent over another oldie but goodie for this week's MPP: none other than Alfred Hitchcock's classic 1960 film Psycho!

DVD Releases: Nov. 3, 2009: See the Beast Within your Dark Mirror

It's a Foy-a-palooza this week with several releases that have his name all over them like Beast Within, Mutants (not the French film of the same name), Night Watcher, and Sand Serpents. Mixed in with those are the more promising sounding Dark Mirror and a four-pack of Hitchcock classics that includes Suspicion, Strangers on a Train, The Wrong Man, and I Confess.

The Birds Remake Just Might Be 3D

MarketSaw recently had an opportunity to chat with actress Brenna Lee Roth and managed to get a particularly interesting bit of information. The upcoming remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s The Birds is not only moving forward; it might just even be in 3D!

Trailer for Redux of Hitchcock's The Lodger

The first trailer for David Ondaatje’s remake of one of Hitchcock’s earliest films, The Lodger,has found its way onto Apple’s official site, which in turn lead it into our loving arms.