AFM 2010

AFM 2010: First Images from Italian Thriller At the End of the Day

Yep, there's nothing like paintball related horror, is there not? I mean what could possibly be more terrifying then real life violence erupting during a splattery good paint flying extravaganza? Okay, so we can think of a lot of things, but hey, dig on these new stills.

AFM 2010: First Look at the Sales Art - Hideo Nakata's The Incite Mill

J-Horror, for better or worse, is still alive and kicking, and if anyone has a chance to breathe some life into the films coming out of the Far East, it's legendary director Hideo Nakata.

AFM 2010: First Look at the Sales Art - Bloodrayne: The Third Reich

When the original Bloodrayne movie came out, a lot of fans were wondering why it didn't stick to the war-torn World War II setting from the video game. Every one else was wondering just how Uwe Boll was still allowed to be making movies. Say what you want about Dr. Boll, he is persistent and has actually gotten light years better as a filmmaker.

AFM 2010: Yet Another New One-Sheet for Exorcismus - The Possession of Emma Evans

I think we've actually lost count regarding just how many one-sheets have already appeared for Exorcismus or, as it's also known, The Possession of Emma Evans. Well, screw it! Here's another! Look for more on the film directed by Manuel Carballo and starring Tommy Bastow, Sophie Vavasseur, Richard Felix, Douglas Bradley, and Stephen Billington soon. Synopsis

AFM 2010: Name Change and New Artwork - Spiders 3D

Day Two of our throng of AFM coverage begins with a slight adjustment regarding the latest giant arachnid run amok flick, Spiders 3D. Apparently this eight-legged freak won't be going solo! That's right, kids. Directed by Tibor Takacs, the movie formerly known as Spider 3D is now Spiders 3D. Plural. Dig on the updated artwork below.

AFM 2010: Fangoria and Accelerator to Remake Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things and More!

Even Fangoria has news coming out of AFM further cementing the fact that horror is not only alive, it's twitching, crawling off the slab, and looking for fresh meat. Or in this case not so fresh meat. That's right kids, another remake is on its way, this time of a personal favorite of mine - the Bob Clarke classic, Children Shouldn't Play with Dead Things. But wait ... there's more!

AFM 2010: First Image from The Caller

The first still from Matthew Parkhill's J-horror inspired film The Caller has arrived, and we have it for you in all its atmospheric glory. The film, once a Brittany Murphy vehicle before her untimely death, now stars Rachelle Lefevre, Stephen Moyer, and Luis Guzman. Dig on the goods after the plot crunch. Synopsis

AFM 2010: Terror Caught on Tape at 388 Arletta Avenue

Filmmaker Vincenzo Natali is becoming rather prolific these days and that's fine with us as the man has one hell of a wicked eye for film and an imagination that seemingly knows no bounds. During our first day at AFM we ran across some early sales art for a movie called 388 Arletta Avenue which Natali is apparently set to produce.

AFM 2010: First Stills - The Devil's Rock

Those damned wicked evil occult worshipping Nazi bastards are at it again in the new flick The Devil's Rock, and we've got the first stills and official synopsis for ya!

AFM 2010: Early Sales Art - Wolf Town

Just a couple of days ago we told you that the upcoming wolves run amok flick, Wolf Town, is now in post production, and what did we come across today? Sales art! Oh, AFM. You beautiful bitch!

AFM 2010: Early Sales Art - Wolf Creek 2

Finally something a bit meaty to chew on regarding Greg McLean's return to the horrors of the Outback, Wolf Creek 2! Sit back, and peel your eyes as we throw some new artwork on the old barbie!

AFM 2010: The Military Encounter Paranormal Activity in The Squad

There's little doubt films revolving around haunted houses can be truly terrifying, but hauntings can also take place on a much grander scale with groups of people unwilling to believe their very eyes.

AFM 2010: Cillian Murphy Next to Flash Red Lights for Rodrigo Cortés

And the AFM horror news express continues to chug along healthily, this time with some more casting news for Buried director Rodrigo Cortés' next flick, Red Lights.

AFM 2010: Six Bits of Art for The Day

That damned pesky apocalypse is rearing its head again, and humanity is about to pay and pay big time in this latest siege warfare based indie action thriller, The Day.

AFM 2010: First Look at the Sales Art - Paris, I'll Kill You

One anthology we're really looking forward to around these parts is Paris, I'll Kill You. With so much talent directing different segments, it's nearly impossible to not be excited. How about a little eye candy to further entice you?