Adrien Brody

New Backtrack Stills Freeze Faces!

Okay, so this is either weird, coincidental, or just plain funny. A new round of stills has arrived for Michael Petroni's second feature film, Backtrack, and it seems as if Adrien Brody has infected everyone with his singular facial expression. See the startling proof!

Cameras Start Rolling on Thriller Backtrack

No stranger to the genre, Queen of the Damned and The Rite screenwriter Michael Petroni's second feature film is of the horror variety, and it's got some big name stars attached. Read on for details!

Four New Clips from Michael Greenspan's Wrecked

Hot on the heels of yesterday's news regarding when and where you can see Adrien Brody getting Wrecked, we have four clips from the film to share. Strap in - it looks like it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Get Wrecked with Adrien Brody in NYC or LA this April

One name we're always happy to see attached to a genre project is Adrien Brody since it usually means we're in store for one hell of an intense performance. Case in point: IFC Midnight's Wrecked, which will have a limited theatrical release beginning April 1st in New York and April 8th in Los Angeles.

Giallo Suit Settles - DVD Can Be Released

While we've heard nothing but horrible, horrible things about Dario Argento's Giallo, we're always of the mindset that you should see it, if only to make up your mind for yourself. A lawsuit recently blocked the film from being released here, but thankfully the dust has settled.

Giallo - The Adrien Brody vs. Producers War Continues

On the eve of its domestic DVD release here in the States, word of the legal troubles casting a shadow over Dario Argento's Giallo hit the Net, and the picture was really ugly. Apparently star Adrien Brody got major league screwed on the flick and decided to sue the producers who had lied to him. Today things got even uglier for the film.

AFM 2010: IFC Midnight Gets Wrecked with Adrien Brody

IFC Midnight continues its genre-loving way with its pick-up at this year's AFM of Wrecked, a psychological thriller starring Adrien Brody that marks the directorial debut of Montreal native Michael Greenspan.

DVD Releases - October 19th: It's a Rocky, Psycho Night of the Predators in Mirrors

The number of home video releases on October 19th is not as abundant as in recent weeks, and fewer re-released titles means those that are available are much more special. In this batch one Adrien Brody flick competes with another, and at least two independent horror titles are making a splash. Two beloved classic films return in Blu-ray where one is supplemented by a documentary treatment of it.

Adrien Brody Sticks it to Domestic Giallo Release

Just when we finally thought we'd be seeing it officially for ourselves on DVD, it seems like Dario Argento's Giallo has a lot more trouble to contend with than just the bad reviews. As per The Hollywood Reporter:

Predators UK DVD and Blu-ray Details De-Cloaked

If you were a fan of Nimród Antal’s newest entry into the legendary Predator franchise, then get your wrist blades, heat vision and bloodied spinal columns ready as we’ve got the skinny on what to expect when the flick hits home in the UK on November 1st. Unfortunately, if you haven’t yet made the climb to high-def, you might feel a little shafted...

DVD Artwork for Dario Argento's Much Maligned Giallo

In Blockbusters throughout the country right now, you'll find the latest film from Dario Argento, Giallo, kicking around on rental shelves; but in just a couple of weeks it will be available for purchase and you'll be able to decide for yourselves if it's as bad as everyone says it is.

Three Exclusive Clips from The Experiment

Three new clips for the Paul Scheuring directed remake of Das Experiment (review), called simply The Experiment, have come our way, and things are looking appropriately uncomfortable for our lab rats!