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Order Up Some Room Service and Check Out Our Hotel Transylvania Image Gallery

We just got our hands on a big batch of new images from Sony Animation Pictures' horror comedy Hotel Transylvania and thought we'd make it easy for you to check them all out by putting together a quick gallery. See how we look out for you guys?!?

Three International Character One-Sheets: Hotel Transylvania

You know, for whatever reason, something tells me that if Hotel Transylvania were playing on Telemundo at four in the morning completely dubbed in Spanish, I may just dig it more than hearing Adam Sandler bicker in English. In any event, new posters! Ole!

Check Into the Full Trailer for Hotel Transylvania

The full theatrical trailer for Sony Animation Pictures' horror comedy Hotel Transylvania is here, and it just makes us long for the days of true classics like Mad Monster Party, etc. That and the days when Adam Sandler was actually funny.

Check-In Begins With the New Teaser One-Sheet for Hotel Transylvania

Hot on the heels of the U.S. trailer premiere, we now have the first official teaser one-sheet for Sony Animation Pictures' horror comedy Hotel Transylvania! Dig it!

U.S. Trailer Premiere for Hotel Transylvania Checks In

Finally Sony Pictures Animation has released the domestic trailer for the animated horror comedy Hotel Transylvania, and we have it for you right here, no credit card for incidentals required. Dig it!

International Trailer for Hotel Transylvania Invokes Names

Just a few days after the Russian trailer leaked and was systematically yanked from the web, the international trailer for the animated horror comedy Hotel Transylvania has crawled up from the depths.

Russian Teaser Trailer for Hotel Transylvania! Vy Govorite Po-russki?

You want to watch trailer for the Hotel Transylvania, no? Is good! The Adam Sandler makes the jokes as the vampire with the daughter! Is good! You like! You watch! Na zdorovie!

First Official Stills From Hotel Transylvania

We've seen all sorts of concept art and reported on all the various casting updates, but not once have we seen any of the characters in the upcoming animated horror comedy Hotel Transylvania in the flesh. That changes now ... so to speak.

Miley Cyrus ISN'T Dracula's Daughter in Hotel Transylvania But Selena Gomez IS

Well now, it sounds as if Miley Cyrus is off to practice her sucking prowess anywhere but the Hotel Transylvania. Read on and get your friggin' minds out of the gutter, you lovable perverts, you!

Hotel Transylvania 3D - Cee Lo Green is the Voice Behind the Mummy

Cee Lo Green. This dude is friggin' everywhere lately. The Super Bowl, "The Voice", the Burger King drive-thru. And now? Mr. F You is about to get wrapped up in Sony's latest animated feature Hotel Transylvania in 3D!

Hotel Transylvania - Miley Cyrus is Dracula's Daughter!

Man, it would be so easy to make like a thousand different jokes right now about Hannah Montana literally sucking, but we shall refrain, if only in the name of Billy Ray's sanity. In any event, we have some more Hotel Transylvania casting news for ya!

Hotel Transylvania - First Look at Adam Sandler as Dracula ... Well Sort of!

With another family-oriented animated horror feature film on its way in the form of Hotel Transylvania, we've gotten our claws into some concept sketches of what Big D himself (voiced by Adam Sandler) will be looking like!

Javier Bardem Checking into The Hotel Transylvania?

Another big-name actor is looking to check in to the latest family friendly horror flick to come down the digital highway. Read on for all the details about checking in at the place you may not check out of!

Adam Sandler Gives Voice to Dracula in Hotel Transylvania

In the Carpathian mountains...cool wind in my hair. Cold smell of the corpses...rising up through the air. There's a head in the distance...face frozen with fright. Sorry...couldn't resist, but either way there's plenty of room at the Hotel Transylvania, that is unless you plan to lend your voice to the OG Fangface himself.

FInal Trailer for The Short Cut

Every town has that one place where you're just not supposed to go. With The Short Cut Adam Sandler's new production company Scary Madison is set to take you right through it kicking and screaming.