Adam Gierasch

Night of the Demons in Theatres October

If there's one remake I'm actually looking forward to, it's Adam Gierasch's take on the 1988 classic Night of the Demons. The original flick totally rocked, and Adam is just disturbed enough to really make this one work!

Final Autopsy Poster

The rather snazzy poster for Adam Gierasch's medical-themed horror film Autopsy appeared online recently, and you can treat your eyeballs to it below.

Autopsy Stills Online

Looking for more pictures from Adam Gierasch's entry in the upcoming After Dark Horrorfest III, Autopsy? Then look no further than the official Horrorfest III site, which is now home to a dozen or so new stills.

First Night of the Demons Pics!

The pic you see to your right is one of a whole slew of new images from Adam Gierasch’s upcoming Night of the Demons remake, which is rolling as we speak!

Night of the Demons Starts Principal Photography

Word ran down the pike today that the Adam Gierasch (interview) retelling of 1988's Night of the Demons has just started principal photography in haunted old New Orleans.

Exclusive: Tiffany Shepis Cast in Night of the Demons!

The lovely, talented and incredibly sexy Tiffany Shepis, who is still harboring a crush on me despite the many times I’ve told her we can only be friends, dropped a bit of news in our laps during Comic Con but made us promise we wouldn’t mention it till today.

Sexy Trio Join Night of the Demons Redux

I always said they’d need a very hot group of women if they were going to remake Kevin Tenney’s Night of the Demons, and it looks like director Adam Gierasch agrees with me!

New Autopsy Poster Found

The tag line “It’s Not Just for the Dead Anymore”, indicates that Adam Gierasch’s Autopsy, his feature-length directing debut, may not be quite as serious as I had first feared.

Three Mother of Tears Clips

Excited about the long awaited third entry in Argento's Three Mothers trilogy, Mother of Tears (review here)? We are too, and to get things cooking we have three clips for your viewing pleasure!

Saw Game Gets Fresh Blood!

All right, this might possibly be the last news bit we’re able to pull out of the Fangoria Weekend of Horrors which, you have to admit, has been pretty fruitful in the news department this weekend. I don’t think I’ve updated on a Sunday this many times in all the years I’ve been doing this!

Mother of Tears in Theatres Soon!

Dario Argento's Mother of Tears (review) will be getting a limited theatrical release starting June 6th, 2008, but don't expect it to show up in every state!

Gierasch to Remake Night of the Demons

How strange that the day I start really looking into info on Kevin (Night of the Demons) Tenney’s latest film, Braindead (more on that later) STYD gets an update on the Night of the Demons remake? Very strange, indeed.

U.S. Mother of Tears Trailer!

I know you’ve been waiting for it; we have, too. Now the wait is over! Fangoria just posted their exclusive first look at the U.S. trailer for Dario Argento’s Mother of Tears, the last in his “Three Mothers” trilogy!

Autopsy Trailer Found

After a terrible accident, a young woman is told her boyfriend is being take to a hospital she’s never heard of before. She heads out to it anyway and discovers ... HORROR! Ahem.