Piranha JPN: Summer of the Piranha Pulling an Aliens: Familiar Face Joins the Cast

We’ve just been sent some incredible information about Piranha JPN (which is being titled Summer of the Piranha outside of Japan), the new entry in the long-running aquatic horror franchise. During a TV press conference with Chako van Leeuwen (Hisako… Continue Reading

Here Are More Details on the Upcoming Piranha JPN: Summer of the Piranha

The updates keep coming in regarding Japan’s take on the Piranha franchise and we’re thrilled to bring you some more news! Let’s start with what we already know, shall we? The movie is being produced by Hisako Tsukuba (who worked… Continue Reading

Exclusive: Writers Marcus Dunstan and Patrick Melton Talk Piranha 3DD, Sequels and More

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Piranha 3DD Begins Feeding on Blu-ray and DVD This September

Post Thumb: /aug11/p3dds.jpg If you’ve been looking forward to Piranha 3DD but missed its theatrical and VOD window, do not fret. The flick’s about to swim on home to your home theatre system where you’ll be able to judge for… Continue Reading