8213: Gacy House

The Asylum Hunts Moby Dick / Launches Titanic II and Gacy House Trailers

Once notorious for making mockbusters of major motion pictures, now it appears The Asylum has found a new niche making ridiculous b-movies. You have to be embracing absurdity if you're releasing a movie called Titanic II and following it up with a modern updating of Moby Dick that involves a high-tech sub and a prehistoric monster whale.

The Asylum Finds Paranormal Activity in the Gacy House

The Asylum has found success of late with its "mega" movies (both Mega Python vs. Gatoroid and Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus are in the works), but the powers-that-be also seem to believe their Paranormal Entity mockbuster was a success as well, or they just need something to ride the coattails of Paranormal Activity 2 because this Halloween season they're releasing 8213: Gacy House featuring "found footage" from John Wayne Gacy's posthumous residence.