Texas Chainsaw 3D - Win an Insane Prize Pack!

We are just a couple of weeks away before the unleashing of Texas Chainsaw 3D on audiences all over the country, and to help you welcome it in style, we have a chance for you to win some branded prize packages to die for.

Guillermo del Toro Offers Insight into Pacific Rim Trailer

Around the Dread Central offices we've been nursing wood since the trailer dropped for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim a couple of days ago. Today the legendary director offered up a bit of commentary on the glorious few minutes.

Texas Chainsaw 3D Trailer Gets Re-Mixed; New Interview!

"Chainsaw Thursdays" continue to drop new tidbits of weekly goodness on us, and the latest is here... Mike Relm has remixed the trailer for horror fans, giving the film's characters some repetitive spring in their collective steps. Couple that with an interview with Alexandra Daddario, and we are golden! Check it out.

Battle Damaged Robot Crawls to Shore in New Pacific Rim Art

Following up on yesterday's trailer and poster, the good folks over at Film Guide have brought to light even more eye candy for Guillermo del Toro's Pacific Rim. Check out the goodies right here, and please someone get this fellow a doctor... or a mechanic... or something.

Finally the Official Trailer and Poster for Pacific Rim Have Arrived!

After showing off a few new Pacific Rim stills earlier today, finally the powers-that-be have released the official trailer for the film along with an updated poster. What are you waiting for? Get to watching it right now!

Suit Up for First Set of Pacific Rim Stills

The good folks over at Legendary and Warner Brothers have released the first official set of images from their upcoming Guillermo del Toro monster mash, Pacific Rim. Most are old, some are new, but none is home to any giant robot or monster action. Sorry, kids!

Run for Your Lives! Silent Hill: Revelation Gets a Home Video Release Date

Missed the ridiculously bad Silent Hill: Revelation when it was in theatres? Well, it will be available on 3D Blu-ray Combo Pack, Blu-ray Combo Pack, DVD, On Demand and Digital Download on February 12, 2013, from Universal Studios Home Entertainment. You may want to miss that, too.

New Texas Chainsaw Behind-the-Scenes Video Features the Original Cast in Action

Though we usually find B-roll videos boring, this one is worth it to see Bill Moseley along with John Dugan reprising his role as Grandpa in action. Pull up a chair and do the time warp, kids... seeing the original house complete with chicken in bird cage again is simply magic.

Get Waxed by the Brazilian One-Sheet for Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

In this latest one-sheet for Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters, the weaponry is front, center, and free from unsightly groin hairs. The only thing missing is a shot of one of those gorgeous Brazilian butts. There's just nothing like 'em. Must be something in the water.

A Texas Chainsaw TV Spot From Across the Pond

Opening in UK cinemas on January 9th, just a few days later than here Stateside, will be Texas Chainsaw 3D, but that small delay hasn't stopped our friends from across the pond from doling out their own TV spot! Dig it.

Texas Chainsaw 3D - Hot Summer, Hot Chicks, Hot Damn!

Two new images have arrived in support of the upcoming direct sequel to the original The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, entitled Texas Chainsaw 3D (as if you didn't know), and this time the spotlight is on two of the flick's leading lovelies.

Third Texas Chainsaw 3D TV Spot Arrives Via Bootleg

YouTube. It's where everyone with a camera shows up to share everything that they've caught. The bounty today? A new TV spot for Texas Chainsaw 3D. And to think I remember the days when we used to turn the channel during commercials.

New Texas Chainsaw Images Full of Fire and Bill Moseley

Website Noticias De Terror scanned in some images from the new issue of Fangoria, which is home to several never-before-seen images from the upcoming Texas Chainsaw 3D. Check it out, kids! There's enough goodness here to get you excited!

Pacific Rim Sequel Already in the Works

Talk about getting ahead of itself. Though the incredible looking Pacific Rim is still many months away from release, a sequel is already well in the works. Read on for the latest on this "who could have seen this one coming already?" event!