The Munsters

First Concept Art for Munsters Redux Mockingbird Lane

We've been talking about NBC reboot of "The Munsters", now titled "Mockingbird Lane", for a few months now; and other than some quick casting news there's been nothing to do but talk. Until now, that is.

Say Hello to the New Marilyn Munster of Mockingbird Lane

The second bit of casting news for the upcoming NBC reboot of "The Munsters", now titled "Mockingbird Lane", has come in, and it's time to meet the most normal member of the family.

Meet Grandpa! Eddie Izzard First to Move into Mockingbird Lane

You know ... it's so incredibly mad that this first bit of casting news for the upcoming NBC reboot of "The Munsters", now titled "Mockingbird Lane", ... well ... it just might work! Read on for the details.

Mockingbird Lane Production Bumped

There's trouble on "Mockingbird Lane". Okay, not really, but sometimes we just revel in sounding all dramatic and stuff. In any event, yeah, we have a quick update regarding NBC's reboot of "The Munsters".

The Munsters Get a Title Change on Mockingbird Lane

You know, combined with the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark article I wrote a short while ago, for whatever reason this latest nugget of news makes me borderline homicidal. I'm not even sure why. Read on for details.

Toy Fair 2012: The Munsters Continue to Become Collectible

The first wave of "Munsters" figures was a collector's dream with each one capturing the essence of the character perfectly. In addition to these fantastic representations of Grampa, Herman and Lily, you also got a killer collection of accessories AND a Build-A-Electric Chair!! Now Diamond Select looks to finish off its "Munsters" family portrait with a two-pack of Marilyn and little Eddie!

Even More on The Munsters Redux

Interested in every nook and cranny of NBC's redux of the classic television series "The Munsters"? Then saddle up, kids, as we've got a quick trip to Spoilerville for you all to embark upon. And off we go ...

More on The Munsters Redux

And the news surrounding NBC's redux of the classic television series "The Munsters" continues to be more compelling by the day. Character and plot details have come to light that will have you scratching your head for sure.

Bryan Singer Gets Behind Munsters Redux

Some really interesting news coming in for the television remake of the classic show "The Munsters". A big name director is getting behind the project guns blazing, and we have to admit we've never been more curious. Read on for the skinny.

It's Official! NBC Bringing Back The Munsters

The time for talking is over. We've been following the proposed reboot of "The Munsters" for a while now, and today the once proud as a peacock network has made it official. We know, you're bursting with excitement, right?

More on The Munsters Revamp

It was back in August when word first broke that NBC had tapped “Pushing Daisies” creator Bryan Fuller to revamp “The Munsters” for the 21st century with more of an edgy, slightly darker hour-long makeover. Not sure if the plan is still to go that route, but whatever Fuller has come up with has NBC executives so happy they may greenlight the series by the end of the week.

NBC Revamping an Edgier and Slightly Darker Munsters

Will Hollywood execs ever realize that while some properties can be given a dark and edgy makeover, other concepts born in gleeful goofiness should forever remain that way? Not at NBC and not anytime soon so here come the dark and edgy “Munsters”.

Rest in Peace - Len Lesser

Another one of television's greatest character actors has been claimed and is no longer with us. While today's generation may know him primarily as Seinfeld's Uncle Leo, generations of fans will remember him from so much more.

Bryan Fuller Eyeballing Kristen Bell to Become One of The Munsters

"The Munsters" was without question one of the most endearing horror themed shows ever created, and with a new take of it on the way we've all been wondering who will be there to fill those giant sized boots left behind by Herman and company.

The Munsters Remake Coming to NBC

Even though it was tried before (and failed miserably), it looks like NBC is ready to head to the old haunted well one more time as talk of a remake of the classic television show "The Munsters" has just hit the Internet! According to Entertainment Weekly's Ausiello Files: