The Jake Helman Files

Covers Unveiled for the Final Chapters of The Frenzy Cycle and The Jake Helman Files Book Series

Gregory Lamberson has unveiled the covers for his next two novels from Medallion Press, The Frenzy Wolves and Human Monsters. Both are the final chapters of their respective franchises, The Frenzy Cycle and The Jake Helman Files.

Jake Helman Returns in Gregory Lamberson's Storm Demon

Author Gregory Lamberson has revealed the cover for Storm Demon, the fifth book in his occult detective series The Jake Helman Files. Check it out here along with a look at The Jake Helman Files: Afterlife Project, which is available as a free download.

Gregory Lamberson Has Three New Books and a Feature Film Planned for the New Year

While most of us are just starting to formulate a game plan for the upcoming new year, author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson already has three new books on tap for 2012 as well as a feature film in the works, Scaremonger, starring Debbie Rochon.

Volume Two of Gregory Lamberson's The Jake Helman Files Coming October 1st

Filmmaker Gregory (Slime City Massacre) Lamberson also has a successful side job writing the horror novel series The Jake Helman Files. Volume One, Personal Demons, is getting a sequel, entitled Desperate Souls, which is being released as a trade paperback on October 1st.