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Two New Hybrids Cast for The Vampire Diaries Season 4

It looks like Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is getting a new pair of hybrids to play with in Season 4 of "The Vampire Diaries," and we have the scoop on who's been cast in the roles of Dean and Kimberly. Read on for the details!

New Stills from EW's Fall TV Preview Issue for The Vampire Diaries, Grimm, and Revolution

This week's Entertainment Weekly is home to lots of new photos from the upcoming fall TV season, and we have a peek at what's in store for fans of "The Vampire Diaries," "Grimm," and "Revolution."

Warner Brothers on Board with The CW's Take on Sleepy Hollow

With two TV shows brewing their own version of the classic Washington Irving tale Sleepy Hollow, it's going to be interesting to see which falls flat and which gallops away like The Headless Horseman on his ghostly steed.

Exclusive Interview: Author John Passarella Talks Supernatural: Rite of Passage

When Supernatural: Rite of Passage is released on August 14, 2012, readers will go on a ride with Sam, Dean and Bobby as they head to the town of Laurel Hill, New Jersey, following a series of unlucky incidents occurring in the small city.

Supernatural: Rite of Passage Coming in August from Titan Books

For the hardcore fans of the "Supernatural" television series, fan fiction based on their favorite show has become just as big a part of the series' legacy as the TV show itself.

The CW Interested in Sleepy Hollow Series as Well

Armageddon, Deep Impact. Volcano, Dante's Peak. Two projects with the same kind of idea. Happens all the time. Well, you can now add a television series based on Sleepy Hollow to that ever growing list!

The Vampire Diaries Nets A Badass

The Vampire Diaries is picking up another actor who will soon be making life hell for the fanged ones on the CW drama. At least, I assume so. I've never seen an episode and don't plan on starting now. But regardless, this guy looks like he should be able to take a few of those evil sons of bitches out!

The CW Picks Up Beauty and the Beast and Cult; Cancels The Secret Circle and Ringer

With the goofy snooze-fest known as "The Secret Circle" being put out to pasture (along with our guilty pleasure "Ringer"), The CW network has picked up two new genre-themed television shows to get your ghost. Now if only they can move "Supernatural" back to Thursday.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Major Supernatural Season 7 News

There's spoiler-ish news from the Supernatural Comic-Con roundtable that we're bringing your way this afternoon. Nothing that's going to outright spoil the surprises the next season has in store for its fans, but some interesting tidbits nonetheless.

San Diego Comic-Con 2011: Supernatural Season 7 Debut Trailer

Here at Dread Central we are big fans of the Winchester boys, and if you haven't been watching The CW's "Supernatural", then you are missing some of the best TV horror we've had on the air in years!

The CW Sets Premiere Dates: The Vampire Diaries, The Secret Circle, and Supernatural

Hungry for more of "The Vampire Diaries" and "Supernatural"? Anticipating your first dive into the world of "The Secret Circle"? Then get out your calendars, kids, because we have the lowdown on when you'll be able to see the latest episodes of your favorite, and soon-to-be-favorite, shows!

Exclusive Blu-ray Clip - Supernatural Season 2

The wait is almost over for "Supernatural" fans who have been clamoring to get their hands on Season 2 in glorious high definition, and to celebrate its arrival we secured an exclusive clip from the Blu-ray for you! From the Press Release

DC's Raven to Spread Her Wings for The CW

And the comics scene continues to be mined for its latest and greatest characters that could translate into big money for either the big or the small screen. Next up - DC Comics' Raven.

Help Put Supernatural on the Cover of TV Guide

Now here's a cause we can get behind! For the first time ever, TV Guide is letting the fans decide which show should be on the cover of the December 13th issue. Thanks to its incredible fanbase, "Supernatural" has been nominated along with five other shows, and here at Dread Central we're obviously rooting for the Winchesters to win.