The Awakened

Edward Furlong and Christian Slater to Meet The Awakened

The classic tale of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde has endured the test of time to become one of the most infamous horror stories of all time. After all, who doesn't want to explore their dark side every now and again?

Ancient Aliens Have Awakened

I think it's apparent at this point that aliens are the new zombies. By that I mean we are to be inundated with movies about alien invasions to the point we will all be sick of the genre within 2-3 years. Add the indie sci-fi horror The Awakened to the pile of evil extraterrestrial flicks in the pipeline.

LA Shriekfest 2010 Announces Line-Up

It's that time once again! Another one of our favorite film festivals, Shriekfest 2010, has unveiled its first round of films for you lovers of indie terror out there, and we got the scoop on what to expect!