Five Unfairly Overlooked Horror Sequels [Video]

It ain't easy living in someone else's shadow.

overlooked sequels copy 788x443 - Five Unfairly Overlooked Horror Sequels [Video]

Those of you with older siblings already get it. Sometimes, to no fault of our own, you find yourself forced to compete for the spotlight. Ashlee Simpson epitomized this idea with her one-hit-wonder “Shadow” in 2004. Living in the shadow of Jessica Simpson can’t be easy, and neither is living in the shadow of Psycho, I’m sure. 

Personally, I happen to really enjoy an underrated, under-appreciated, and sometimes altogether forgotten about sequel. There’s something about these titles that are extra special. Either way…

Here are five horror sequels that just don’t get enough love.

Lastly, what are some unfairly overlooked sequels that didn’t make the list? Let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always around to chat all things under-appreciated horror!

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