5 Horror Titles Where Canada Is Out For Blood [Video]

Spoiler alert: Canada is the killer.

canada feature  788x443 - 5 Horror Titles Where Canada Is Out For Blood [Video]

Canada may seem nice, but at the end of the day … the Great White North is undoubtably out for blood. We have gone ahead and assembled five frosty horror projects that prove, without any hesitation, that Canada is the real culprit. So bundle up, break out the good maple syrup, and brace for the worst. Because hell is about to freeze over.

From Yellowjackets to The Dead Zone, here are five horror projects where Canada is the actual killer.

Lastly, what other horror shows and films would have you added to this list of killer Northern titles? Let me know on Twitter via @joshkorngut. I’m always around to chat all things Canadian horror!

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