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monster squad 336x176 - Happy Birthday MONSTER SQUAD and NIGHT OF THE CREEPS Director Fred Dekker
April 9, 2021

Happy Birthday, NIGHT OF THE CREEPS and THE MONSTER SQUAD Director Fred Dekker

House banner 336x189 - Horror History: Ding-Dong, You're Dead! HOUSE Was Released on This Day in 1986
February 28, 2021

The horror-comedy HOUSE was released on this day in 1986!

The Monster Squad 1987 min 336x176 - THE MONSTER SQUAD Director Teases Possible New Sequel Series
February 26, 2021

The Monster Squad director Fred Dekker (Night of the Creeps) is teasing the future of the franchise - including a

The Monster Squad 1987 min 336x176 - Trailer: MONSTER SQUAD Doc WOLFMAN'S GOT NARDS Gets Halloween Season Release on 10/27
September 29, 2020

Gravitas Ventures, a Red Arrow Studios company, has acquired North American rights to distribute Wolfman’s Got Nards, directed by Andre

The Monster Squad 1987 min 336x176 - This Day in Horror History: THE MONSTER SQUAD Opened in 1987
August 14, 2020

On this day in horror history, Night of the Creeps director Fred Dekker’s horror-comedy classic The Monster Squad was released

Night of the Creeps Banner 336x176 - Fred Dekker Wants to Make NIGHT OF THE CREEPS 2 with the Original Cast!
October 17, 2019

Night of the Creeps (1986) is a much-loved cult classic; one of Fred Dekker’s first hits, its influence can still

The Predator 1 336x176 - Fred Dekker Discusses the Original 3rd Act of THE PREDATOR & Arnold Schwarzenegger Cameo
July 15, 2019

2018’s The Predator (directed by Shane Black) was a turbulent affair, pretty much from start to finish. There were close

Night of the Creeps 2 336x176 - NIGHT OF THE CREEPS Blu-ray Review - Tom Atkins Still Rules
July 4, 2019

Starring Tom Atkins, Jason Lively, Steve Marshall, Jill Whitlow Directed by Fred Dekker Distributed by Scream Factory Fred Dekker’s career

Night of the Creeps 2 336x176 - Release Date for Scream Factory's NIGHT OF THE CREEPS Collector's Edition Pushed Back to June
April 30, 2019

The good news is, your date is here. The bad news is, he’s dead–and Scream Factory’s Collector’s Edition reissue of

Predator 1 336x176 - Early Draft of Shane Black & Fred Dekker’s THE PREDATOR Surfaces Online
February 4, 2019

There was a point in time when Shane Black’s The Predator (which he co-wrote with Fred Dekker) was slated for

Aliens Newt and Ripley 336x176 - Yet Another Alternate Ending to THE PREDATOR Attempted an ALIEN Connection—With Newt!
January 2, 2019

When we got word this weekend that one, unused alternate ending of Shane Black’s The Predator made a connection to

Pred Assure faux commercial banner 336x176 - “Pred-Assure” is the Only Antiperspirant Strong Enough to Keep You Safe from THE PREDATOR
December 26, 2018

Directed by Shane Black from a screenplay penned by Fred Dekker, The Predator is now available to own on Blu-ray/DVD