Mars Attacks – Topps Heads to Kickstarter for New Series

The amount of LOVE we have for Mars Attacks knows no bounds. That’s why whenever ANYTHING comes about pertaining to this incredible franchise, we are all ears. Read on for the first details pertaining to Mars Attacks: Occupation.

From the Press Release:
Topps, creator of the modern-day trading card, recently relaunched Mars Attacks with a series of comics, toys, and games; and now they’re sounding the alarm again— as Mars Attacks once more! This time, an all-new card series, Mars Attacks: Occupation, will be taken directly to fans via Kickstarter and produced by Topps Licensing under the direction of Vice President Ira Friedman and Head of Outbound Licensing Adam Levine.

“The previous set was a hit with fans, and now feels like the right time to begin crafting a sequel,” says Levine. “We also know we have to continue to push boundaries and offer fans something that can live up to Mars Attacks’ pedigree as an icon of pulp science fiction. Utilizing Kickstarter as our development and pre-order platform is a great way for us to deliver the quality our fans desire and will allow us to reach a more diverse group of fans across the globe– particularly important on projects aimed at more niche audiences like Mars Attacks.”

Mars Attacks: Occupation is planned as a 72-card series featuring 45 story cards with art by fan-favorite illustrators including Earl Norem, Bob Larkin, Alex Horley, Greg Staples, Ed Repka, Jason Crosby, and many more. The series will include more than a dozen chase cards and special inserts, from sketch cards and autographs to metal reproductions of the classic series and handmade letter-press cards featuring unique woodcut designs.

The Kickstarter campaign will also be used to engage fans in an ongoing dialog regarding the direction and contents of the set. Fans who sign up at the link below, beginning today, will get exclusive early access to the Kickstarter page in April, where they can communicate with Topps and become a part of the creative process during the development phase– before it is made available for pre-order in May.

Mars Attacks: Occupation will go live on Kickstarter beginning May 5th with a planned shipping date of December, 2015. Fans should sign up NOW for updates, exclusive sneak peeks, and an early look at the Kickstarter page by clicking here!

Mars attacks occupation - Mars Attacks - Topps Heads to Kickstarter for New Series

Written by Steve Barton

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