David Harbour, Tig Notaro, and Anthony Mackie Join The Cast of Netflix’s WE HAVE A GHOST

FREAKY & HAPPY DEATH DAY director Christopher Landon switches gears to bring the family friendly WE HAVE A GHOST to life!

Stranger Things David Harbour 750x422 - David Harbour, Tig Notaro, and Anthony Mackie Join The Cast of Netflix’s WE HAVE A GHOST

Netflix is collaborating with director Christopher Landon (Happy Death Day) to bring his adaptation to the small screen. Landon wrote the screenplay for We Have A Ghost from the short story Ernest written by Geoff Manaugh.

The project was originally announced back in 2017 when Legendary won a heated bidding war for the rights to Manaugh’s story. Stephen Spielberg’s Amblin was also in the running to adapt the short.

Fast forward and now Netflix’s adaption has announced an impressive ensemble for the family-friendly feature.

Deadline reports that the cast now includes David Harbour, Tig Notaro, Jennifer Coolidge, Anthony Mackie, and Jahi Di’Allo.

Deadline shared the details on its synopsis:

Manaugh’s short story begins with Jimmy Kimmel asking his TV audience if it wants to see a real ghost. That would be Ernest, so named by the homeowner who discovered him because the apparition looks a bit like Ernest Borgnine. The homeowner, Frank, begins filming his housebound ghost, and sending out the results to the world through social media. The spirit is mostly harmless, confused by his exploitation, but Ernest becomes a global viral sensation.

He conscripts his high school senior Kevin to be part of a series of dinner parties held in the house to cash in on the ghost. This takes a sketchy turn when the teen, and the ghost, turn up missing, endangering Frank’s plans to monetize.

We Have A Ghost is a notable change of pace for Landon who has been producing a steady stream of horror hits for Blumhouse. He’s the man behind horror projects like Happy Death Day, Happy Death Day 2, Paranormal Activity: The Marked Ones and most recently, Freaky

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