Let WEREWOLVES WITHIN’s Josh Ruben Direct a Reboot of DARKMAN!

Josh Ruben Darkman

It’s no secret that Josh Ruben (dir. Werewolves Within) wants to direct a reboot of Sam Raimi’s 1990 incomparable superhero movie Darkman. While speaking to the Dread Central podcast DEVELOPMENT HELL last month, Josh casually mentioned it being his dream project. Since then we’ve done some snooping and discovered that it wasn’t the first —or last— time he’d mention the title. But is he the right director for the gig?

Josh Ruben and writer Mishna Wolff’s video game adaptation of Werewolves Within was a complete smash hit at last month’s Tribeca Film Festival. Anyone who’s seen the film can tell you why. It offers a perfect blend of horror and comedy, while also featuring one of the best ensemble casts we’ve seen in years. Sounds like lightning in a bottle, doesn’t it? Maybe not. Josh Ruben’s excellent 2020 directorial debut Scare Me begs to argue. 

If it was before your time, Darkman is worth the $4.99 rental. A brilliant blend of dark and slapstick, it’s the sort of thing only Sam Raimi could have dreamt up in the first place.

Here’s a little rundown on the IP:

Darkman is derived from a short story Sam Raimi wrote to pay tribute to the Universal horror output of the 1930s. The basic setup involves the character Peyton Westlake (Liam Neeson) who is mutilated and left for dead by a mob boss (Larry Drake). Peyton, a scientist, resorts to experimental treatments to cure his injuries. It doesn’t work. Still disfigured, Peyton simultaneously develops superpowers. 

Darkman is an absolute blast that really needs more love. Who better to take on a retelling of this insane property than Josh Ruben, maybe the internet’s busiest Darkman stan? 

To make things even more interesting, the always incredible CreepyDuckDesign recently drafted up a concept poster for the fictional production… and it’s a stunner. Check it out, and make sure to give CreepyDuck a follow:

CreepyDuck’s concept poster for Josh Ruben’s DARKMAN

Creepy Duck Darkman 1024x1545 - Let WEREWOLVES WITHIN's Josh Ruben Direct a Reboot of DARKMAN!

Did we mention that Josh Ruben’s Twitter bio/pic even reference his bid to take on the franchise? We love to see it. If you shoot for the moon, even if you miss, maybe you’ll land a Blumhouse sequel. And that’s still cool as hell!

What did you think of Werewolves Within and Scare Me? Would you want to see a Josh Ruben fronted reboot of Darkman? Let us know in the comments below or on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram! Dread Central is now on Google News!



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