THE DESCENT Actress Alex Reid Stars In Creepy Short Film URN

Filmmaker Ben Steiner has released a director's cut of his original 2018 short film URN. Watch it now!

Back in 2018, we reviewed a creepy short film called Urn, which we said contained “serious scares” despite its short runtime. Fast forward to 2021, and director Ben Steiner has now released a new and re-edited cut of Urn, which also features a new soundtrack composed by Jano SaGN with the help of the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra. The recut version of Urn can be viewed in the player below, and Steiner also provided us with the following statement about how he is satisfied with this new version of his film:

“I couldn’t be happier with this new stripped-down, intensified version of URN, or more grateful to all the people who made it possible, chief among them the editor Colette Hodges and the composer, Jano SaGN.”

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Urn focuses on a troubled woman called Beth (played by The Descent’s Alex Reid), who scatters her deceased mother’s ashes in an isolated river, only to then be menaced by her mother’s spirit as she returns to her car. In our original 2018 review, we also praised Reid’s performance in Urn, as well as saying that due to the film’s effective nature, it “won’t drift from your mind like ashes flowing through a river.” We then awarded it a final score of four out of five stars, deeming it to be a highly watchable short film.

As well as the new musical score, this recut of Urn is tighter and more intense than the original 2018 version of the film, so viewers should be in for a more suspenseful experience. While we enjoyed the original cut of Urn, we also have to agree that this new cut is definitely an improvement, and we think our readers will enjoy it too.

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