Jay-Z Producing GET OUT Style Thriller FORTY ACRES For Netflix

Jay-Z and Netflix recently teamed for the upcoming western The Harder They Fall. And today we hear they will join forces again. This time they’ll produce an adaptation of Dwayne Alexander Smith’s Get Out-style novel Forty Acres.

Described as a cross between Jordan Peele’s film and John Grisham’s The Firm, the book follows a Civil Rights attorney who must fight for survival when he’s invited to join an elite black organization with a mind-blowing secret.

Cheo Hodari Coker (Luke Cage) will pen the script and produce with Jay-Z, Aaron Kaplan, and James Lassiter (The Harder They Fall). Author Smith will executive produce alongside Mike Epps, Niles Kirchner, Bill Strauss, and Dana Honor.

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Coker’s feature credits include Creed II, Lowriders, and the Notorious B.I.G. biopic Notorious. He also helped pen Straight Outta Compton and All Eyez on Me. Coker is also writing a sequel to Mark Wahlberg’s Four Brothers.

Here’s the book’s rundown via Amazon:

Martin Grey, a smart, talented black lawyer becomes friendly with some of the most esteemed black men in America. He’s dazzled by what they’ve accomplished. And they seem to think he has the potential to be as successful as they are.

They invite him for a weekend away from it all—no wives, no cell phones, no talk of business. But far from home, he discovers a disturbing secret that challenges some of his deepest convictions…Martin finds out that his glittering new friends are part of a secret society dedicated to the preservation of the institution of slavery—but this time around, the black men are called “Master.”

Joining them seems to guarantee a future without limits; rebuking them almost certainly guarantees his death. Trapped inside a picture-perfect world that is home to a frightening reality, Martin must find a way out that will allow him to stay alive without becoming the very thing he hates. A novel of rage and compassion, good and evil, trust and betrayal, Forty Acres is the thought-provoking story of one man’s desperate attempt to escape the clutches of a terrifying new moral order.

Buy the book HERE.

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Written by Mike Sprague

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