The Dawn Banner - The Halloween Double Pack: ART OF THE DEAD and THE DAWN Are Official Selections for Shockfest Vegas 2019

The Halloween Double Pack: ART OF THE DEAD and THE DAWN Are Official Selections for Shockfest Vegas 2019

This Halloween, Shockfest Film Festival presents the Comedy and Tragedy masks of the horror genre of the decade to the big screen.  The Mahal Brothers are bringing fun back to the horror genre, as their latest film, Art of the Dead, cuts beneath the skin with their sexy and disturbing feature.  All the while, Devanny Pinn and Brandon Slagle are back with their newest, darkest and most grizzly horror piece to date, a period piece with a tone as grim as death itself: The Dawn!  This debaucherous double pack are official selections of Shockfest Vegas, announced just in time to kick of the Halloween festivities of 2019. 

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Art of the Dead, directed by Rolfe Kanefsky and Produced by the Mahal Brothers, brings a sense of fun to the table, as cursed paintings will their victims to commit the most horrible of atrocities based off of the seven deadly sins, which lead these poor souls to a terrible fate.  These paintings, created by a mad artist, now haunting a family of yuppy goodie goods gone bad, take absurdity to a new and thrilling level.  This is the only movie ever made which begins with a painting shooting Richard Grieco (21 Jump Street) in the face with a double-barrel shotgun.  A clear and delightful throwback to such horror comedies as Tales from the Crypt, Art of the Dead continues to up itself kill after kill, never taking itself too seriously.  With long-tongued goat demons to jealous teenage tit ripping psychopaths, Art of the Dead is an ecstatically entertaining throwback to the great horror comedies of yesteryear, with some of the most shocking moments of whatthefuckery ever encountered in a movie made in 2019.

In stark contrast, the tone of this next film is sure to leave you in a dreary and helpless state, but not before suffocating you in sinful debauchery. 

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The Dawn is set to premiere at Shockfest this November like a screaming flurry of flies itching to scurry out of your throat.  A young woman, who moves to a convent after witnessing her father murder her entire family, becomes haunted by the spirits of her past and is forced to face the demons that creep into her dreams and her mind.  A period piece, set in the early 20th century, this film carries with it heavy shades of iconic classics such as The Amityville Horror and The Exorcist, immersing you into a bygone era and dropping you directly into the mouth of madness.  Easily Slagle’s best work yet, and the cast (consisting of but not limited to Devanny Pinn, Ryan Kiser, Stacey Dash, Jonathan Bennett) set the tone for a suspenseful, thrilling journey, blacker than any witching hour one could ever experience.  It is a grim and menacing piece, with bold and grandiose imagery peppered throughout the viewing experience.   An intimidating watch from start to finish, this movie will leave you understanding just how dark it can get before…The Dawn

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The clear and unequivocal love of the genre is evident upon a single watch of each of these two brilliantly produced films of 2019.  Both production teams put their best foot forward to bring magic to the big screen, and the only way to watch them both in a single sitting will be at Shockfest Film Festival taking place this November 22nd – 24th.  Get your tickets at shockfilmfest.com and use the code: DREADCENTRAL at checkout for 20% off general admission tickets. Experience what the Hotel Paranormal has to offer yourself.  Stay tuned for award nominations on November 8th on Facebook Live on the Shockfest Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shockfesthorrorfactory/.

And don’t forget to have a Happy Halloween!

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