SILENT HILL 2 Vinyl Coming This Year Via Mondo/Death Waltz

silenthill2banner1200x627 750x422 - SILENT HILL 2 Vinyl Coming This Year Via Mondo/Death Waltz

In 2017, boutique collectible label Mondo released Akira Yamaoka’s soundtrack to the 1999 survival horror PlayStation title Silent Hill. Since then, there has been no word on when the label would release any of the other titles in the now-defunct franchise. However, that’s about to change as the January 2019 Mondo Mix, whcih features a “… selection of tracks from a few of our upcoming releases on Mondo/Death Waltz”, includes “Theme of Laura”, the title track from Silent Hill 2. You can hear it below at the 8:00 mark.

No release date has been associated with the mix, so we don’t know when Silent Hill 2 will be coming out BUT you bet your bottom dollar that I’ll be there hitting ‘Refresh’ the day it goes up for pre-order. Hell, I’ll probably be that weird guy that orders one of every variant. You want to know why? Because I fucking LOVE the music of Silent Hill 2 and I’ve been waiting for that record to drop ever since it was announced that Mondo had gotten the license!

Bring it on, Mondo and Death Waltz! My body is ready!

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