New York Restaurant to Host BIRD BOX-Themed Event Where Patrons Eat Blindfolded

birdboxbanner1200x627 750x422 - New York Restaurant to Host BIRD BOX-Themed Event Where Patrons Eat Blindfolded

New Jersey’s own Milleridge Inn, based in Jericho, NY, is taking the Bird Box challenge to a whole new level by hosting an event that will see the restaurant transform into scenes from the Netflix film so that patrons can, “…blindfold themselves and eat a meal to reenact the iconic scenes of the movie.”

I actually did one of those “eat in total darkness” restaurant events and it’s a pretty eye-opening (no pun intended) experience. Learning how to navigate your plate as well as learning how to pour a good amount of water/wine in your glass isn’t easy. It’s definitely something that helps add perspective to the greater picture. Having one themed after a wildly popular horror/thriller sounds like a perfect situation to me!

The event description reads:
Bird Box fanatics will enter a post-apocalyptic scene where humanity is being attacked by supernatural monsters. Patrons must remain silent and under no circumstances are allowed to take off their blindfolds. Birds will be chirping and the sounds of rushing water will be played in the dining room which will be transformed into a forest. Customers who complete the blindfolded meal will be permitted to visit the birdhouse, a safe, well-lit area where they may remove their blindfolds without fearing the monsters. The soundtrack from the movie will be played. “Bird Box” will be shown on all restaurant televisions.

The even will be held this Friday, January 11, at 6pm at the Millerdige Inn.



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