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Mezco’s Talking Freddy Krueger and Deluxe Stylized Jason Voorhees Figures Available to Pre-Order



Avid horror collectors had better listen up because Mezco Toyz is currently accepting orders for two highly desirable figures of horror’s most famous screen icons.

First, there’s the 10″ Talking Freddy Krueger figure, which forms part of Mezco’s Living Dead Dolls line. All you have to do to hear him repeat some of his most famous zingers from the movies is push the discreetly hidden button on his back. Lines include: “Come to Freddy,” “You shouldn’t have buried me; I’m not dead,” and the unforgettable “Every town has an Elm Street.” 

Like most of the figures in the Living Dead Dolls line, his head is hugely oversized, displaying all his scars and burns in visceral detail.

Freddy features an all-new head sculpt that captures his sardonic smile and infamous visage. He wears his distinctive striped sweater as seen in the original A Nightmare on Elm Street film and comes complete with his trademark razor glove and removable hat.

If this is something you’d like to own, it’s available to pre-order now for $50.00 and is expected to ship between May and July of this year.

If you’re more of a Friday the 13th person, you’re probably going to fall in love with Mezco’s Deluxe Stylized 6″ Jason Voorhees figure, which is also now availalbe to pre-order for $29.00 and will ship sometime between July and September. Whilst this figure doesn’t talk (Jason has never been one for words), he also has an enormous head, and his hockey mask can be removed to reveal his deformed visage underneath. He comes packing both an axe and a machete so you can arm Jason however you see fit, and you’ll be pleased to see that both weapons are dripping with blood.

Mezco is giving horror’s most-feared masked maniac the stylized treatment with a deluxe figure sure to thrill. In addition to having 10 points of articulation, Jason Voorhees comes ready to slay with his signature bloody axe and machete, which have been the end of countless unhappy campers. Jason’s trademark hockey mask is removable to reveal a disfigured and scarred face sculpt based on Friday the 13th Part 3. Also included is an alternate left hand to help recreate iconic poses.

Both figures come in a window box so you can put them on display without having to take them out of their packaging.




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