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Netflix Lost in Space Set Visit Part 1: A Robinson Family’s Sacrifice

Seated beside an elevated railway in Burnaby, BC is Bridge Studios, the host of Netflix’s reboot of “Lost in Space.” The El Train rumbles by, causing momentary stops to the filming taking place within the soundstage. In the small video village set up for the press, an intense scene is being shown on a pair of monitors. [SPOILERS] On this day, the production team is filming part of an episode of the second half of the season. As the scene resumes, a tense roundtable discussion is unfolding inside the spaceship Jupiter 2. The Robinsons have a decision to make, and it may cost the life of a loved one.

The scene kicks off with John Robinson (Toby Stephens) stating he is the only one who is capable of performing an unspecified task to help get the family off of the ‘lost’ planet they have been stranded on for a majority of the season. Maureen Robinson (Molly Parker) agrees that John is the ideal candidate; Judy Robinson (Taylor Russell) does not see the merit in just sending her father off to potentially die without weighing the pros and cons of this mission.

Penny Robinson (Mina Sundwall) erupts with a dose of reality that every pro Judy mentioned was, at the end of the day, just another con as it could mean John would not return to his family. Will Robinson (Max Jenkins), who has remained quiet during the discussion, somberly asks if his father can promise he will return. John, sadly, cannot make that promise. Will doesn’t make a sound but just walks out of the scene with John calling after him.

What is discussed between father and son was not clear as this would be shot later. Within a minute, the two return to the roundtable and it appears that a decision has been made for John to proceed with the dangerous mission. Maureen mentions that the group needs to prepare and that the kids need to stay out of the Jupiter’s garage…

Though only one camera angle was visible to the press, some details about the Jupiter 2’s interior could be identified and were further explored during a later tour of the sets. The scene took place in the living/dining area of the ship. Circular in shape, the room was lined with various cabinets, kitchen appliances, chairs and the roundtable at the center. The color palette consists of various muted shades of white, gray and silver. The various technologies, both scientific and domestic, appear more functional than futuristic. The touchpads all look to be interactive rather than being static images.

Jupiter 2 felt like something that could live in the world of Ridley Scott’s Alien. Padding on the interior walls bore a resemblance to that found in the USCSS Nostromo. The series will take place in the relatively close year of 2047, the super-sleek futuristic stylings found in the ‘98 film version would not make much sense. Being a more grounded reboot, the series is aiming for a bit more realism. This was also discussed later with costume designer Angus Strathie. Even in 2017 people are not dressing too differently than just twenty years ago, so why would drastic cosmetic changes in just thirty years?

Our second “Lost in Space” set visit article will be up soon!

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