Netflix Altered Carbon Set Visit Part 4: Screenwriter Laeta Kalogridis Interview

Laeta Kalogridis is no stranger to the science fiction and horror genre. She has penned the screenplay for Shutter Island (review) and wrote the latest entry into the Terminator franchise, Genisys (review). Her name is also attached to the upcoming adaptation of Alita: Battle Angel, which is being helmed by Robert Rodriguez.

During the end of our set visit for the Netflix series “Altered Carbon,” Laeta sat down to talk to us about how this novel went from production hell to reality.

Synopsis: “Altered Carbon” is set in a dystopian 25th century where the wealthy elite are granted eternal life via downloading their digital souls into clones. Having an unending existence is not without its problems as one such modern Methuselah must rely on a resurrected nemesis to help solve his mysterious death