Yaphet Kotto Reveals He’s Seen Actual Aliens

Pandora’s box has been opened, kids. First Kurt Russell reveals his connection to the Phoenix Lights, and now one of the stars of Ridley Scott’s Alien has revealed for the first time that he’s had otherworldly encounters.

Speaking to Vice, Yaphet Kotto, who played Parker in the seminal 1979 film, revealed the following…

It started when I was about nine or ten years old. I remember being told I couldn’t go outside, so I was looking out at the streets of Bronx New York watching the kids play stickball in a kneeling position. When I turned around, a figure was behind me, it was at least five or six feet tall with an elongated head. It appeared, then jumped to the back of me and disappeared. From that moment on, it was one experience after another which culminated into my sighting in the Philippines and during the filming of Alien.

At one point, I remember being at my home at 6:00PM, and I went into my office to meditate in the garage and I saw something. Looked at it for about five minutes, and it was light. I was wondering why the neighbors were shining a light through the top of my garage window. So I went to talk to them. Now keep in mind, I had been sitting in that car garage for some 12 hours and I believed that I contributed to those things that were flying above my garage…I shouldn’t call them things. These aircrafts. As I got older, I understood what they were. But I went through my youth not knowing what I was experiencing and I didn’t talk about it. I would just experience something and file it away, until something larger happened. This is the thing other UFO witnesses don’t talk about. Every time I moved into a house, above it at some point, there would be a circle of what looked like smoke. I’d wonder where it came from because it sure as hell didn’t look like clouds. Those sightings continued for a good ten to 15 years. And I’ve had time loss. Where was I for the hours between when I saw some of these. Was I taken? Because I have a big loss of time between some of these moments.

It was one evening in my office in the Philippines. I heard my wife and the waiters calling me to come outside in very anxious voices. So I went out and when I got there, I saw the same huge circle of smoke over the house. When I asked them what they saw, they said they saw a UFO as big as the Yankee Stadium turned upside down and they were freaking out. Two or three nights later, I saw it. The thing blotted out the entire sky. The moon and everything, it was huge. I just remember saying, Jesus Christ. I mean I got nervous man because you don’t see something like that without being vulnerable to becoming psychologically blown away. You get scared to put it quite frankly. That messed me up for a good three or four days.

Kotto continues, “There’s no reason for me to make these claims. I never promoted any book or anything like that. I never read anyone talking about the experiences I’ve had. I’ve made 75 movies and I’ve done television shows. I’m known all over the world so this confession wouldn’t advance me, I advance myself through my acting. Other people may do this to try to advance themselves, make it public and then become famous. I’m already famous so what possible purpose would I have to tell these stories except how it relates to the movie Alien? This is the reason why I never talked about it after that movie because of course they’d say, “oooh, he’s trying to promote his movie.” Well I’m not promoting anything now. I’ve written no book and I have no movie that’s about to be released. This is the time to reveal this because no one can connect it to anything that’s a financial gain or form of media exposure. When someone now asks me if I ever experienced anything that’s remotely close to an alien, I’ll say “damn right I did.” It happened at nine years old and continued since then.

So I really don’t care whether anyone thinks I’m delusional. My delusion is over. I’ve taken a position on that.

Check out the full interview right here.

Yaphet Kotto - Yaphet Kotto Reveals He's Seen Actual Aliens

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