Today on VOD: 13 Cameras, Holidays, and Old 37


Thanks to VOD platforms, consuming indie horror has become cheaper and easier than ever, and after last week’s many offerings – including Darling and The Invitation – you probably have a good deal of catching up to do. But let’s add three more brand spankin’ new titles to the pile, shall we?!

First up, last year’s Fantasia hit 13 Cameras arrives on VOD outlets today, and it promises to ensure that you’ll never feel comfortable renting an apartment again. Written and directed by Victor Zarcoff, the film stars P.J. McCabe, Brianne Moncrief, and Neville Archambault.

Newlyweds Ryan and Claire move into a new home across the country, having no idea their grim and lascivious landlord, Gerald, has installed secret cameras in their rental home. As Ryan and Claire’s relationship strains from the stress of their pregnancy, Gerald becomes increasingly consumed with their lives and begins to physically invade their privacy. Ryan and Claire soon find out that their marital issues are nothing in comparison to the monster that watches their every move.

13Cameras - Today on VOD: 13 Cameras, Holidays, and Old 37

Some of the top names in horror unite for the anthology Holidays (review), also available for digital rental today. The film puts a sinister spin on all the major holidays, and the impressive list of directors includes Kevin Smith (Tusk), Gary Shore (Dracula Untold), Matt Johnson (The Dirties), Scott Stewart (Dark Skies), Nick McCarthy (The Pact), Dennis Widmyer & Kevin Kolsch (Starry Eyes), Sarah Smith (The Midnight Swim), and emerging filmmaker Anthony Scott Burns.

Holidays is an anthology feature film that puts a uniquely dark and original spin on some of the most iconic and beloved holidays of all time by challenging our folklore, traditions, and assumptions.

Holidays poster 695x1024 - Today on VOD: 13 Cameras, Holidays, and Old 37

We round out this week’s lineup with Old 37 (review), which arrives on select VOD outlets after its recent theatrical roll-out. Epic Pictures unloaded the film, starring Bill Moseley and Kane Hodder, on Amazon Prime, FlixFling, and Hoopla today.

Old 37 is the last ambulance ride you’ll ever take. The film takes you on a journey through the lives of careless selfish teens and how two psychotic brothers (Kane Hodder + Bill Moseley) intercept emergency calls in their father’s old ambulance to perform their own heinous medical procedures. The two worlds collide. When a shy girl-next-door becomes their latest target, she turns the tables on her captors to fight for her survival. Fast-paced and blood-soaked, Old 37 taps into the most basic human fear, vulnerability. The words “don’t worry; I’m a paramedic” will make you think twice before dialing 9-1-1.

Old 37 DVD Art - Today on VOD: 13 Cameras, Holidays, and Old 37



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