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In Honor of David Bowie: Exclusive Clip from Fetish Factory

It’s hard to imagine a blazing star as iconic and, for lack of a better word, superhuman is gone. It’s believed we are all made from stardust, but no one more so than Ziggy Stardust himself, David Bowie, who passed away last night at the age of 69.

When I was a kid, I knew his music but didn’t fully appreciate it until I matured. My first real induction to the cult of Bowie was the film The Hunger, in which he played a sexy vampire. And then there was Labyrinth, in which he played the sexy goblin king Jareth. Mustn’t forget The Man Who Fell to Earth, in which he played a sexy extraterrestrial being.

Yeah, you get the picture! I’m a fan.

So it’s only natural that, in my own small way, I wanted to give a tip of the boa to Bowie in my first feature film, Fetish Factory. As a writer, I always try to imbue a little bit of myself into the characters as a wink to the universe.

Fetish Factory, produced by Blanc-Biehn, is a zom-com, soon to be unleashed upon the world. (Stay tuned for announcements!)

In this exclusive, never-before-seen clip, listen for the Starman’s name in a bit of playful dialogue. (Horror viewer warning: no zom – only com – in this snippet.)

Cast in the clip: Carrie Keagan, Jennifer Blanc, Tristan Risk, and THE Richard.

The film stars Carrie Keagan (“Reno 9-1-1!”), Chase Williamson (John Dies at the End), Jennifer Blanc (Everly, Havenhurst, Hidden in the Woods), Daniel Quinn (Rubber), Stephen Wastell (“Criminal Minds”), Jenimay Walker, (Serpent’s Kiss), Tristan Risk (American Mary), Emma Julia Jacobs (Hitchcock), Ruben Pla (Big-Ass Spider), Diane Ayala Goldner (The Collector), Jesse Merlin (FDR: American Badass), Benjamin Easterday (Poseidon Rex), and Tom Ayers (“Bosch”). Montreal-based alternative model and fetish superstar THE Richard rounds out the cast.

Imagine a wickedly saucy by invitation-only stage show and posh private peeps in which your every fantasy can come true, fulfilled by the likes of luscious ladies imitating the sex goddesses of yore: Bettie Page, Jayne Mansfield, and Suzie Wong. Along with classic burlesque strip-teases and curio acts – a ventriloquist, a magician, and a whip-dancer – you are in for the night of your life at the Fetish Factory. That is, until your life is at stake when the apocalypse strikes! Once mild-mannered men become bloodthirsty zombies, and it’s up to the girls to defend themselves by any means – even if that means turning their bullet bras, garter belts, and spike-heels into deadly weapons.

Fetish Factory 2 - In Honor of David Bowie: Exclusive Clip from Fetish Factory

Fetish Factory 1 - In Honor of David Bowie: Exclusive Clip from Fetish Factory

fetishfactoryposter - In Honor of David Bowie: Exclusive Clip from Fetish Factory

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