Travel to Innsmouth for a Teaser and Some Stills


According to Doctor Gash’s recent Innsmouth review, it’s a “slick Lovecraftian-flavored short [with] some cool special effects and a fantastic, mysterious character in [Tristan] Risk’s Alice Marsh… who just happens to be sexy as hell!”  Intrigued?  To learn more about Izzy Lee’s newest short film, read on for its teaser and a handful of stills that give us a hint of just how sexy Little Miss Risk is.

Along with the aforementioned Risk, Innsmouth stars Diana Porter, Izzy Lee, Vera Schränkung, Porcelain Dalya, Sophia Cacciola, J. Zocalo, and Phil Healy. It was written and produced by Lee (who also directs) and Francesco Massaccesi with cinematography by Bryan McKay and editing by Corey Norman.

Lee explains how the project, which explores the “monstrous feminine,” come about:  “With Innsmouth, I loosely adapted ‘Shadow Over Innsmouth’ by H. P. Lovecraft with an all-female (with the exception of two male extras) cast. Tristan Risk inspired the story with a special trick she told me about on the set of the last production we worked on together, For a Good Time, Call…,’ and I reverse-engineered Innsmouth around this particular FX gag and notorious scene. Risk fans will get quite the eyeful with this film.

Innsmouth‘s predominately female cast is notable because Lovecraft’s universe is traditionally male-dominated. Lee says we can expect nudity, blood, egg sacs, gills, teeth, claws, and a soon-to-be notorious scene with Tristan Risk.

“She awaits…”

Detective Diana Olmstead (Porter) arrives on the scene of a bizarre death: a body with a strange bite wound and a mysterious egg sac on her back. A clue leads her to Innsmouth, where she meets a seductive and horrific fate in the form of Alice Marsh (Risk). 

innsmouth poster - Travel to Innsmouth for a Teaser and Some Stills



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