Innsmouth (Short, 2015)


innsmouth poster - Innsmouth (Short, 2015)Starring Tristan Risk, Diana Porter, Izzy Lee, Vera Schränkung, Porcelain Dalya

Directed by Izzy Lee

As one would expect, Innsmouth is a mind-bending Lovecraftian tale that takes a peek into the unknown outer reaches of our existence. Not an easy thing to do in a 10-minute short film, but this one does a pretty damn good job of it.

The film focuses on Detective Olmstead (Porter), who is investigating a very strange murder. The case leads her to travel to Innsmouth, and when she arrives, she gets more than she bargained for (insert maniacal laugh here).

Co-starring with Porter is the one and only Tristan Risk. Little Miss Risk is simply magnetic when onscreen. She was magnetic in American Mary and in Jill Sixx Gevargizian’s short Call Girl, and she kills it here again. As an actress, her face is so filled with expression that she could play an entire scene without ever opening her mouth. And Innsmouth gives her a chance to really shuffle off any restraints and deliver an unforgettable climax to this film..

Innsmouth is an impressive 10-minute number. The one main negative is that, as a viewer, you’d like to see more. The initial setup feels like the beginning of a feature film. And, who knows, maybe at some point Innsmouth could be worked into a feature because the filmmakers definitely have a solid character in Risk’s Alice Marsh which they could build around.

And speaking of Alice Marsh, that leads to the part of Innsmouth Lovecraft fans will really enjoy. The film sticks to the Lovecraftian legend and even has tons of the details of the town correct, right down to the year it was founded and the last name of Marsh, which was a critical moniker in the Innsmouth of the Lovecraftian universe.

Director Izzy Lee (who co-wrote and co-produced with Francesco Massaccesi) has created a slick Lovecraftian-flavored short that has some cool special effects and a fantastic, mysterious character in Risk’s Alice Marsh… who just happens to be sexy as hell! Yikes! Keep a fire extinguisher on hand. Risky heats this up.

If you get a chance to check this one out, it’s so worth the 10-minute time commitment. By all means, give Innsmouth a look. You’ll be happy you did.

innsmouth1 - Innsmouth (Short, 2015)

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