Update: Ubisoft’s ZombiU Also Could Be Coming To PS4


I recently did a story on how the Australian Classification Board may have leaked info regarding ZombiU coming to the Xbox One as just Zombi. Well the sails of the rumor mill are in full turn, as it seems like another foreign ratings board doesn’t know how to keep its secrets safe, as user lifelower on Twitter claims that the Taiwanese Game Software Ratings Board has assessed the game for both PS4 and Xbox One.

As I stated before, the game wasn’t a commercial success on the WiiU, so maybe it will find new life on the “big boy” consoles. If zombies are your thing (who doesn’t love zombies?), it seems you have a little bit more to be excited about. Granted, a tweet isn’t exactly a press release, and this might just be an attempt to build some hype and score some followers. With E3 having come and passed with no announcement, it might still be a ways off before we see this come into fruition, if at all. Stay tuned for further developments, and I’ll let you know if this is indeed rising from the graves or if we are just being fooled by the last few muscle contractions.

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