Malaysian Monster Teaser Silliness


jinhutan - Malaysian Monster Teaser SillinessHaving a bad day and could use a good laugh? Having a normal day and always in the mood for something to chuckle at? Then feast your eyes on this teaser trailer for Jin Hutan, a new el cheapo supernatural monster movie from Malaysia that’s title translates to “Mountain Spirit”. And what a monster it is!

Here’s the seemingly phonetically translated plot synopsis courtesy of 24 Frames Per Second.

A group of reporters from China with the help of two local reporters to do a research about the natural ecology topic and investigate the senior maternity health care herbal. They have entered to a tropical forest for this research. It should be a quite relaxed journey but it been hide a crisis. They have been attack by an unknown monster and their friend being die one another, in the same time the landslide has block their way out. They struggle for survive and later calm down investigate and analyze the actual fact.

Suffice to say Jin Hutan won’t be breaking any new ground storywise. But I am assured the film is a thrilling adventure; English text in the trailer assure me so and what possible reason do I have to question the font?

Jin Hutan opens in Malaysia on March 12th. Look for it on DVD in the United States probably never. So by all means, give a look to the 30-second teaser trailer for this very low budget creature feature from Malaysian filmmaker Jeffrey Wong that looks like it could either be cheesy fun or just stupid bad. That monster, that mountain spirit – why is it every time I see it in that trailer I keep thinking it looks like Ice-T in Surviving the Game if he had his DNA spliced with an angora sweater?

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