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Is it Okay for THE WALKING DEAD Fans to Admit They Don’t Miss Rick Grimes?



Rick Grimes 2 - Is it Okay for THE WALKING DEAD Fans to Admit They Don’t Miss Rick Grimes?

the walking dead season 9 key art rick lincoln michonne gurira full size 203x300 - Is it Okay for THE WALKING DEAD Fans to Admit They Don’t Miss Rick Grimes?It’s been over a week since Rick Grimes flew off into the sunset (in a helicopter no less) as part of Jadis’s slave trade. Since then, six years have passed (thanks to the series’ most significant time jump yet) and it’s a new world, one filled with new rules, new characters, and new dangers. Still, from a practical perspective, something’s not quite right in the world of The Walking Dead.

Despite some thrilling action and intriguing riddles, the show’s ratings fell to a new low-point following last week’s episode, “Stradivarius”. Whereas Rick’s final episode pulled in 5.41 million viewers, Sunday’s installment only netted 4.79 million sets of eyes. Does this mean the show is doomed without Andrew Lincoln in front of the camera? Is The Walking Dead destined for disintegration now that the show’s main staple has been removed?

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Not necessarily. It’s important to note that The Walking Dead’s ratings have been in a state of steady decline for several seasons now, meaning the recent dip isn’t part of a new or disturbing trend. It’s also worth pointing out that 4.79 million viewers is hardly a number to scoff at. Remember, this is Season 9 and, historically, ratings will fall for any show that makes it past six years running.

While Rick’s departure from The Walking Dead clearly wasn’t a ratings booster, it can hardly be called a mistake or even a bad omen. And, seriously, what did people expect? Was Rick’s departure meant to bring wayward fans back in droves? Of course not! Those who have tired of the show can’t be easily brought back into the fold, no matter how many love triangles or cute kids you add to the formula.

I, for one, and thrilled that the show’s near-glacial pace has picked up significantly. And, if I’m honest, I haven’t missed Rick Grimes at all—not a single iota! It’s a statement I’m surprised to be making; as someone who’s stuck with The Walking Dead for the best part of a decade, Rick Grimes was comforting—like an old blanket. At the same time, I don’t miss his pontificating, his brooding, and, frankly, he had become an ineffectual leader (like the broken Rick we saw following the assassinations of Glenn and Abraham when he was under Negan’s thumb).

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There, I said it: I don’t miss Rick Grimes. And, for the first time in years, I’m excited to see where the show takes us next. Bring on The Whisperers!

Check out a preview of this Sunday’s midseason finale below.

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